978 Finance

Simon Das has built one of the UK’s most well-respected specialist commercial property finance brokerages that has helped fund some very challenging and complex projects, albeit still in its relative infancy.

One 978 success story was a 300-acre site in Scotland which went into administration due to the complexity of the deal and the failings of previous lenders and brokers. Hannah approached us on the Sunday, and we delivered illustrative terms on Monday morning. The challenges were the site size, limited lenders for Scotland and credit implications due to administration status. The offer was enough to bring the property out of administration an included a facility to bridge the £200k VAT bill too.

‘978 Finance worked day and night, evenings and weekends to help me over the past 12 months with some very difficult projects. They supported me through some incredibly stressful times and are always willing to go above and beyond using all their resources and connections to get the best results for their clients.’

There are countless other success stories such as a £1m commercial mortgage for the acquisition of office space and car forecourt, for a client that was wrongly made bankrupt. His bankruptcy was eventually annulled, but lasting damage was left on his credit profile.

Beyond these typical examples Simon has also developed a new product. His Credit Profile Enhancement Bridge is for international clients who haven’t previously borrowed in the UK. He has partnered with Elysium Bridging to offer a six-month serviced bridging loan and Castle Trust Bank who have offered to take that loan into account as UK mortgage conduct. Providing that the borrower successfully services 6 months of that debt, Castle Trust will give international clients access to their full Buy to Let range.

What really makes 978 stand out is their commitment to bettering their community and the lives of others whilst improving their own business. 978 supports global charitable causes aligned with the ESG global agenda through the B1G1 organisation. To date, 978 Finance has had over 20,000 positive impacts globally and has raised thousands of pounds for local charities too such as More Music, Defying Dementia and Team Reece with annual internal fundraising events. Simon himself actively seeks to regenerate his local area leading by example, he was awarded volunteer of the year award in the Lancaster District in recent years and was responsible for the commissioning multiple pieces of street art including the largest mural in Morecambe. 978 sponsored the mural and Simon provided the canvas in the form of one of his investment buildings.

Simon has commissioned a research project into Eco Funding and Green Home Grants in an attempt to assist portfolio landlord clients to reduce their carbon footprint and meet the green Agenda.

It is Simon’s unwavering determination in the face of adversity, his work ethic and his dedication to improving the lives of others, that really deserves industry recognition.