Access Money

The re-brand away from Access 4 Finance to become part of “The Money Group” has always been on the horizon. However finding the correct person that can not only run a successful brokerage, but as importantly carry on the educational work needed to raise the benefit of the products to both the consumers and introducer was near impossible to find. It took a year to find someone of the calibre of Andy Marsh to take over the reins from Scott Thorpe and then Access Money was born.

Access will always be about the consumers, brokers, and lender relationships.

We specialise in direct referrals from mortgage advisors and we keep the number base low so we can offer time & training for them to learn and understand the second charge arena. The more education they receive, the more likely they will use the product when its necessary.

Broker focused

We deal with mortgage intermediaries from one-man bands to large firms, each firm is different in how they want to do deal with second charges.

Therefore, we treat them individually, there is no right or wrong way of how a second charge should be dealt with,

A lot is made about brokers not considering second charges but if we can treat the broker as an individual and deal with everything transparently as a one-off deal. Then the introducers will understand and want to get involved in seconds when it’s the correct advice.

Gap in the education of Brokers  

COVID-19 has left a massive whole in brokers/Advisor relationship’s with some firms moving their focus away from second charge’s and diversifying into other areas for example residential mortgages or equity release, or second charge “BDM Teams” being cut back has meant the advisor not having their normal channel to turn too.

We have hit this gap hard launching “Zoom seminars” along with marketing campaigns highlighting when a second charge should be considered.

Internal training

As part of “The Money Group” we are responsible for the groups second charge offering.

This year we set up “TMG Second charge Academy” this is where we work alongside the advisors who are wanting to upskill and offer second charges direct and teach them the process over a period of time, we also have a help desk internally where we can point the advisors to the lenders if they want to deal with them direct.