Affinity Group

Let us take you back to a 2015 mortgage market, a market full of brokers wearing both their mortgage and protection hats. We found ourselves at a place where we were wondering how one person had enough hours in the day to take the time, care, and interest in protecting their clients in the debt they put them in.

We knew we wanted to make an innovative difference, and this is when Affinity Protect was born. A team of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals dedicated to protecting our wonderful clients and their families against the unforeseen.

2020 taught us all that nothing in life is guaranteed and you should never take anything for granted. To date we have protected over £774,605,115 of borrowing for 4190 families with not only personal protection but protection around their businesses too.

The protection market is harder to navigate than ever post pandemic and every single client should receive advice tailored to their circumstances from an advisor that has immersed themselves in their lives to really understand who they are.

We’re very lucky that every single person we have within Affinity Protect has a genuine care about the clients they are transacting with. As a business, it’s deeply rooted within our values that everything we do is guided by our moral compass.

To us it isn’t a job, it’s a passion.