Air Group – Innovator nomination

“Be the change you want to see in this world” – Ghandi

By balancing the integration of Technology WITH the personal human element we have evolved significantly, without leaving behind our membership. We launched “AIR CHAMPIONS” as a work group to test and challenge all that we do, and ensure the end user is part of the development process.

  • Increased Air Sourcing subscribers by 43% to 8300
  • Sourcing sessions UP 59% (google analytics)
  • Monthly KFI’s UP 85%
  • AiR Group distributed 32% of market completions in H1 2020 !
  • Completions UP 21% YTD

In June we were recognised in the MORTGAGE LENDERS BENCHMARK survey as NUMBER 1 Sourcing tool across the entire market, including Mortgage sourcing systems.

We upgraded our unique REWARDS SCHEME, and have given back £57,081 to support member cashflow, this scheme is fully integrated with our Air platform and puts back significant value to our members.

In March, we were the first to launch a fully integrated live COVID19 update page. This page had 72,000 visits in 6 months…. This was coupled to a daily programme of webinar sessions to interview providers, service companies etc and also ‘live’ adviser drop in sessions to ask questions and share concerns.

AiR Group are incredibly proud we protected our staff, made no redundancies or furloughed anybody, whilst working from home we ensured telephony and online chat capacity was expanded.


YTD we have delivered 43 bespoke online technology workshops to advisers, firms and networks.

We decided to provide free of charge, our multi award winning software to a number of organisations including, Premier Equity Release Club, Paradigm, TRMN, HLP network, and SBG.

Technology is a core part of Development, we have ensured that INNOVATION is ongoing. In June we were delighted to announce an Industry FIRST when we integrated Knowledge Bank into AiR Sourcing, a real market “game changer”, using leading API technology.


 “Air have been remarkable in their quest to support brokers and have pushed the boundaries of technology to create a genuine ‘industry first’ by bringing together both product and criteria on their sourcing system beating both new and established players in this arena. Their drive and passion to provide brokers with the best tools is ongoing and their member can be absolutely confident that their pace of development is always one step ahead of the rest of the market.”


 “We’ve partnered with Air Group for a couple of years now and I’ve been really impressed with the evolution of its technology offering. Stuart, Ray and the team are always there to support and I feel they genuinely care about the success of my business as well as their own”


 “We find the systems, features and ever improving range of calculators and tools to be leading in the sector. The live chat is brilliant, and entwines the “human” aspect with the technology. We once had the chat support team source a case while I  sat in a tent on holiday one day.  I got the case ! “

S.B. – Principle