Air Mortgage Club

“Be the change you want to see in this world” – Ghandi


Increased Club membership 18.18% to 6162

KFI’s UP 85% ytd

AiR Club distributed 32% of market (Equity Release) completions in H1 2020 !

Academy membership UP 84% to 541

Completions UP 21% YTD !!


For advisers we launched  “cashflow counts” campaign focused on keeping sole traders and small firms stable. We suspended ALL membership fees for the Academy (at a significant cost of £6000 a month) and this is still FREE for Club members.

We upgraded our unique REWARDS SCHEME for members, and have given back £57,081 to support member cashflow.

We were the first to launch a fully integrated COVID19 update page to provide clarity on lenders service issues, business processes, underwriting changes etc. This page had 72,000 visits in 6 months….

AiR Club are incredibly proud we protected our staff, made no redundancies or furloughed anybody, and boosted telephony and online chat capacity.


We expanded our rolling programme of development, not only for members, but on a broader basis to support the wider sector, with over 100 hours of webinars delivered.

Our CEO and Operations Director were engaged with the Competency framework and ‘Meeting of Minds’ forum with the Equity Release Council. Our CEO engaged with exam bodies, the ERC and providers to discuss training and development needs in the sectors’ future.

We were delighted to launch a personalised “mentoring programme” for a select number of new firms, with our CEO giving up his time to support and guide these firms.

In October we were awarded full LIBF Accreditation for our Club Academy and we are delighted we now provide this development programme to over 500 members.

In November 2020 we will deliver our ‘ON AIR’ DIGITAL CONFERENCE to deliver over 20 online development and education sessions.


 “Air Club have been remarkable in their quest to support brokers and have pushed the boundaries of technology to create a genuine ‘industry first’ by bringing together both product and criteria on their sourcing system beating both new and established players in this arena. Their drive and passion to provide brokers with the best tools is ongoing and their member can be absolutely confident that their pace of development is always one step ahead of the rest of the market.”


 “AiR Club continue to evolve and drive the standards of support for advisers, we put our advisers through their Academy and have the confidence to work in partnership with them as we grow our business”


“Air’s progressive “can do” attitude was amplified during lockdown. They provided additional support/webinars, as well as enhancing their systems. From an advisers perspective this was welcome at such an uncertain time”


“We’ve partnered with Air Group for a couple of years now and I’ve been really impressed with the evolution of its service offering. I feel they genuinely care about the success of my business as well as their own”