Barclays – Marketing Campaign nomination

Why should Barclays – a bank with all its perceived might, manpower and resource – rightfully nab the coveted top spot against smaller rivals for the Mortgage Introducer marketing campaign of the year?

Because, in a bid to help the UK’s mortgage broker community as it struggled to stay on top of Covid-19, we did the exact opposite of what you’d expect us to do.

To be able to swiftly help reassure, guide, advise and offer insight to brokers, we had to break all the usual rules.

Being nimble is a tall order in a company the size of Barclays, but we had an imperative to reach out as quickly as possible to connect with our broker audience.

So instead of spending hours of planning with teams from compliance, legal, brand and media relations, a small marketing team decided to cut through quickly with a conversation – in podcast form – to talk with impact to our client brokers.

And a lively conversation with brokers, for brokers, presented by broking experts was the most effective way to do it.

Unscripted, live recordings – as opposed to those approved in advance – led by two new, fresh presenting voices have let us tackle all manner of broker topics including Covid-19, the economy, business impact and diversity in a truly authentic, transparent manner.

We’ve been able to interview key industry players, both from inside Barclays and out, to connect with the broker community during this time of crisis.

Crucially, the campaign has helped us to demonstrate our readiness to listen to – and address – brokers’ concerns while boosting engagement.

It’s also ushered in a great opportunity for Barclays to set an agenda – and take a lead in industry conversations while enhancing brand awareness.

In particular, the campaign has also allowed us to offer brokers an insight to Barclays’ thinking, policies, research, processes and direction.

And with a podcast as a conduit, it’s allowed us to reach brokers with a message in a space that wouldn’t necessarily be in their workplace (at home in the evening, during the weekend) to deepen their connection to Barclays and their understanding of the market.