Black & White Bridging

To be best in class as a specialist lender, the key is to have a deep understanding of the market and that is our view at Black & White Bridging. We are not talking about just having lots of experience, no, we are talking about staying at the forefront of the needs of the market and adapting to meet those needs.

Black & White Bridging is a challenger brand in a fiercely competitive and price led bridging market. However, by listening to customers we have developed a proposition that really meet their needs and stands clear of the competition.

Intermediaries are seeking more certainty over a case. They are continually frustrated by other lenders overpromising, hooking them in with cheap rates, only to let them and their clients down later on, causing grief.

At Black and White Bridging, we take a fresh and simple approach to lending. This is reflected by our positioning statement:

We have built a process which everyone in the business understands and buys into. We do not overpromise, we are very transparent, we tell the intermediary immediately if we can do the deal or not and we never bend the arm of the underwriter to make it fit. We therefore give greater certainty at the decisioning stage. If we can’t do the deal, we give a quick decision – certainty is what intermediaries and their clients want.

As a specialist lender, we have avoided competing on price, a tactic we believe is short sighted. We want to build long term relationships in a mortgage market that is constantly evolving.

On our website you can see that our products are easy to understand. We give brokers access to underwriters and DIPs take up to 2 hours (we don’t promise 30 minutes and not deliver).

I was intrigued when Black & White launched and the way they presented themselves in their marketing approach. In a bridging world awash with new lenders, Black & White Bridging’s deliberate move to go monochrome seemed counter intuitive at first glance. Yet, highlighting their proposition by drawing on the symbolism of using a black and white palette to reinforce their brand name and emphasise their no nonsense, transparent ‘what you see is what you get’ approach to lending makes a very powerful statement. Their success since launch tells me that the campaign has been a success because brokers have responded positively to their messaging.

Matt Tristram 

Co-founder of Loans Warehouse

We believe we deserve to be best specialist lender because we accommodate and cater for the real needs of intermediaries and their customers in this competitive market and focus on building consistency into those vital broker relationships for the long term, rather than obsessing over today’s sales figures.

Look how far we have come since we launched in March:

300% growth in applications

1000% growth in completions

105% increase in website page views

215% increase in website users

4m% increase in social media impressions