Brilliant Solutions

About Brilliant

We help brokers deliver the best customer outcomes.  By focusing on client outcomes, we are empathetic to the needs of the broker.  We believe that the better we perform, the better the results for customers; this gives us the focus we need to excel in service and relationships.

The business delivers mortgage support like no other mortgage distributor by applying its specialist mortgage expertise and service standards to the whole of the mortgage market and across all distribution channels.  Our direct to lender mortgage club includes secured loans, equity release and all major first charge lenders, from the High Street through to specialist.  We offer packaging across all types of mortgages and all through our own highly skilled teams of experts.  We offer referral services too, covering all options.

Brilliant is the only mortgage distributor to offer fees free packaging and the company’s low fee or no fee policy is unique in mortgage distribution.  The company’s client first approach is supported by a business model that is not based on the value of a mortgage but based on the lifetime value of a broker relationship.  This ensures we work as a genuine partner with all our brokers. The business model is therefore truly neutral and gives brokers complete freedom of choice with no detrimental client impact.

This long-term approach allows our sales team to build strong personal relationships with their accounts and extend our family values as a business to our business partners.  This delivers excellent retention rates and builds genuine partnerships like no other distributor.

Our lender partners value our long-term, client-focused approach as well as our low fee or no fee proposition.  This ensures that we are the partner of choice for lenders in any area of mortgage distribution, across any product set.

Our Results in 2021

  1. Growth:

Our completion figures have grown by over 40% year on year in 2021.  Considering the issues in the first half of 2020 and the stamp duty changes, a better indication of the extent of the growth is the September completions figure which in isolation shows over 60% year on year growth.

The number of our broker relationships shows an incredible 33% growth year on year (not including MAB, see below).

  1. Marketing Stats:

Our product update emails have an incredible open rate of 28-36% and our virtual event mailing is even more successful.

2021 Achievements
10% of the company was gifted to Michael Craig (Sales Director), showing a business living its family values.

Brilliant was the first addition to the Mortgage Advice Bureau mortgage panel for many years, and the only addition to cover all mortgage types.  This is the largest mortgage distribution account won in the UK in 2021.

“Assist with cases that we may otherwise have lost.”

“Work tirelessly to help secure or offer tips on cases where they have real experience”

Mark C of James & James Financial Advisers