Brilliant Solutions

Brilliant has had an incredible year by any measure, growing rapidly whilst maintaining high standards, improving its product & service proposition and providing broader support to the industry as a whole.

Despite the most challenging of times, the business has experienced significant growth in all areas including record breaking months and a record number of lender and broker relationships. This is incredible growth by any metric.

Cases                           up 16% YoY.  Up 23% YoY adjusted for Covid

Record Month              up 23% YoY

Brokers                         up 24% YoY

Growth has come without any deterioration in quality.  Brilliant offers some of the highest quality standards; lender quality ratios exceed all lender averages by some way.  Response times have never exceeded a 24-hour turnaround and are typically the same day; this is a stand-out level of service through the difficulties presented in 2020.

The product offering is fully comprehensive, with a whole of market proposition in every conceivable mortgage type.  Our proposition is also truly unique as we offer direct to lender access across all products with internal specialists in each area.  That is an unrivalled mortgage club offering.

The support is focussed on specialist areas where brokers need it the most, and it’s certainly been a year to remember with so many cases needing to be underwritten manually.  Our service standards have remained market-leading throughout (see above).  Brilliant pays brokers on the day of completion, making payments daily, a service which has seen a huge demand during the crisis and which we are proud to have honoured.  These high service levels in payments and support with complex mortgages have been unwavering throughout our most challenging year ever.

The company released a new website mid-crisis which is considered by many to be the best in the market.  The site includes an innovative proc fee table, the best query submission forms and the best product updates in the market.  Thanks to our weekly Product Blast, an easy to digest table which allows brokers to drill in to the detail needed on demand, we’ve cut through the noise in the market and delivered key messages to brokers effectively.

Brilliant has also supported the wider industry; compiling an online list of resources to support staff that were home-schooling with educational and entertainment ideas and making them public for the industry’s benefit.  The company also organised an industry NHS fund-raiser which proved to be so popular that it will become an annual event: an online poker tournament – gambling free (believe it or not!) and accessible for all.

Brilliant’s team has also supported a number of brokers and lenders through incredibly difficult times.  At no stage do we put business over the needs of our partners, lenders and brokers alike.

“Whatever aspect we consider, Brilliant offers the best club proposition in the market and it’s delivered by the best team too.”

Alun Griffiths, Griffiths & Griffiths