Cambridgeshire Money

I’m not so sure that this is a “Why I Think We Should Win” but us here at Cambridgeshire Money wanted to say a massive Thank You for even considering us for this award.

The calibre of the other firms in this category are simply amazing and to be named alongside them is an honour itself.

Cambridgeshire Money only officially launched in 2020 about 4 weeks prior to the pandemic and now to start getting listed for awards is a testament to all of the guys on the team.

We’ve had some things go really well – We’ve grown from being a one man band to a team of 3 Advisers and a Case Manager all through natural growth. We’ve been fortunate to not have to need/have any government support and we’ve still been writing mortgages and making customers dreams come through.

We’ve had some tough times as well. I’ve had to learn how to use the Connect & Gabriel systems!! But in seriousness we had an Adviser leave us, thankfully with no hard feelings but it wasn’t the right fit for them. We’ve had a Complaint and whilst I feel that the Adviser in that scenario hasn’t done anything wrong to get our first complaint was hard hitting but has made me realise that it’s part and parcel of running a mortgage brokerage.

You can’t experience the highest of highs without knowing the lowest of lows and it provided a learning curve and we take the positives out of every situation.

We have a great team here that’s goal is to make customers dreams come true. Thank you so much again for just having us on the shortlist and I’ll leave you with some customers comments that make me smile and motivate us every day

Thank you

Corey Whelan


Cambridgeshire Money

“From start to finish Corey was very caring and compassionate. Knowing that I have severe anxiety he would email us almost every day with updates and reassurance.
Corey cares so the process is made so easy.
Corey will not rest until he finds the best deal possible.
Don’t know how he does it but he works wonders and so fast.
The deal we got via Corey works so well for us, we can highly recommend Cambridgeshire Money.
PEASE do not go anywhere else, Cambridgeshire Money we recommend 100% THANK YOU Corey and team.”


“After being told we wouldn’t be able to gain a mortgage loan from another mortgage advisor I tried Corey Whelan. He not only got us a mortgage for more than we wanted, he also explained to us every detail what was needed and kept us informed on where we were in the deal of us moving in. Went the extra mile for us and we can’t thank him enough for what he did to get us in the house that were in today. Please try Cambridgeshire money because you wouldn’t regret it”