Castle Trust

What makes Castle Trust the Bridging Lender of the Year?

Let’s start with the products

Castle Trust’s Bridging products offer a fixed rate of 0.67% pm for loans up to £1million, with terms of nine to 12 months.

Ideal for light refurbishment, including Permitted Development, rolled-up interest means that monthly payments won’t impede the project’s progress.

For clients looking for terms between one and two years, the Bridge range offers options to configure a product to suit the client with a tailor-made interest rate.

But, less about the products and more about the lender; what really makes Castle Trust the Bridging Lender of the Year?

Products specifically designed in response to demand from existing broker clients.

Having such strong relationships with broker partners means that the team are empowered to take on board brokers’ wish lists and turn them into a reality. That’s exactly what happened with the Bridging proposition. Prompted by feedback from brokers that they would appreciate a straightforward offering for more mainstream clients, the team worked with broker partners to design a totally new proposition.

A truly collaborative approach

The team work with brokers to shape a case and indicate acceptance before it’s even submitted. Once the case is in, the team have direct access to the underwriting team, meaning that brokers are never left in limbo on cases.

No waiting for credit committees to convene
Castle Trust’s mandate structure means that the team convene daily on complex cases and every case progresses without unnecessary delay.

Certainty of decision
An ‘accept’ decision means ‘accept’. There’s no risk of a credit committee declining the funding further down the line.

A solid funding model
Backed by J.C. Flowers &Co., Castle Trust’s funding model means that there’s no kowtowing to decisions made by funders. The funds are already in Castle Trust’s hands and committed to the case when the ‘accept’ decision is made.

Logical decision making
Castle Trust’s underwriting approach considers the clients’ circumstances fully. Non-standard or complex cases looked at from a holistic point of view – ‘If it makes sense, we’ll find a way’.

Every Bridging case completed by Castle Trust has completed on time.

No default interest or charges
There are no nasty shocks for clients at the end of the term. If the borrower needs to refinance to another product, Castle Trust will look to help wherever possible.

Technology designed around broker needs
Rather than take an off-the-shelf submission system, Castle Trust’s in-house developers have built a Broker Portal that fits around the unique product structure and really works for brokers. Submitting a case is a streamlined process, with no unnecessary questions asked.

Finding new ways to make brokers happy
From keeping service levels top-notch, to developing new products to trips to the London Aquarium, the Castle Trust team are always willing to go the extra mile to keep their broker partners happy.

Ultimately, what really makes Castle Trust the Bridging Lender of Year is this team: