CHL Mortgages

The middle of the pandemic might not have seemed the ideal time for us to relaunch into the buy-to-let market. However, it was clear to us from significant market analysis that there was room for a lender able to do things differently, to apply a more personal touch in supporting the brokers and landlord clients who make up this market. Landlords play a crucial role in the UK housing market, but their needs differ from residential borrowers. What’s more, almost across the board they rely on the expertise of mortgage brokers in order to make the best financing decisions which will allow their property portfolio to thrive. CHL Mortgages has a long history of supporting the landlord community, and its vision is to become the first choice lender for buy-to-let intermediaries and their landlords.

To support our intermediary partners and borrowers, it’s crucial to engage in a regular dialogue with them, and that’s central to how we operate. It’s only by speaking with those customers – and most importantly, listening to their feedback – that we can establish an understanding of precisely what they need from their mortgage lender in order to succeed. This open dialogue has allowed us to develop products and criteria which are best suited to landlords, underpinned by first class service and further supported by technology.  We have focused on presenting products and criteria in the clearest and simplest terms whilst adopting a common-sense approach to applications, ensuring that our underwriters understand the entire picture of each case and are best placed to make the right decision for our customers.

Whilst we may have been out of the buy-to-let lending market for 13 years, we have been active as a servicer of the asset class over this time. This has provided us with a firm handle on market conditions and trends, ensuring that we understood the areas of the market which were underserved by existing lenders and has enabled us to tailor our proposition accordingly.

Technology has also been critical to our relaunched proposition. Our state-of-the-art broker portal has been designed to put intermediary needs at the forefront and to make it as simple as possible to place cases. The incredible response to our launch has demonstrated that it has hit the mark and reassured brokers that CHL Mortgages is a lender who understands how they operate and what they need.

The portal has helped us build a formidable distribution network already, with more than 1,400 brokers registered to date and engagement with the majority of networks and clubs. We don’t believe in standing still either, with a defined strategy in place to increase our distribution and take further steps to simplify complex buy-to-let and offer additional products and criteria to support our distribution partners. We are committed to enabling greater numbers of brokers to write larger volumes of complex buy-to-let business in a more efficient, straightforward and effective manner.