We approached last year with the challenge to strengthen foundations, building a stable company that thrives and lives up to its reputation.

Project ’21 is to deliver a profitable, sustainable and adaptable company, with the ability to take opportunities that come our way. One that looks after its clients throughout their lives, champions financial literacy and education, leads from the front in terms of diversity, equal opportunities, mental health and looking after our staff. We built on our five clear pillars, London, Commercial, Southend, Network and Client Bank.

Our strategy has been defined by building on the question we asked last year, is there a better way? We have restructured, dissected, streamlined and started on a project to “Eliminate the greys”. We have developed both a 36-month plan, which breaks into an annual plan for the business. In turn this leads to concentrated three month plans for each of the Senior Managers.

All our measurements, targets and bonuses involve every one of our people being the very embodiment of the Coreco brand and meeting our DNA. Every person & process has one question in mind, what is the client feeling?

We have delivered the highest protection rates in our history and smashed all previous records for GI simply by changing the culture and process.

We took over an Estate Agency Broker company giving us a major new lead source, soft-launched the Coreco Network, opened an office in Southend and acquired Mortgages Online, which helps us to facilitate our plans in the next three years. We are ready to embrace the customers of the future, whilst staying true to our core.

We sent out anonymous Staff Questionnaires with the question “How has Coreco handled the Pandemic” saw 94.8% return very well / well-handled and 94.6% replied that Coreco had showed they care about their people.

We introduced a #mytime day where I have given everyone a free holiday day to go and spend time on themselves to remind them what is important.

We were also very proud to be a leading voice with AMI Diversity & Inclusion Report as well as Coreco being a founder firm of the Mortgage Industry Mental Health Forum, something we take very seriously.

We are passionate about looking after our clients and our Retention Team provide an after sales service and retention strategy that delivers a 59% (on average) retention rate.

We have worked so hard this past year to ensure that Coreco not only stays relevant as a brand and thought leader in our industry, but improves with every breath to make our clients, introducers, lending partners and people enjoy every interaction with Coreco.

We continue to be a voice on social media and our Podcasts to educate as many people as possible. We are cheerleaders for advice and lender/broker partnerships.

We have 237 5-star Google Reviews and 580 on Trustpilot with a 4.9-star rating.

We are passionate, innovative, inclusive, and nice people who deserve recognition for what we have and are continuing to achieve.