Coreco – London Broker nomination

Whilst the last year was a tough one, these are the times when you get to dissect your company, restructure, streamline and question what is profitable. It is about adapting and looking for opportunity in a difficult market.

Our vision was tweaked and installed into the fabric of our company; to deliver a profitable, sustainable and adaptable company that looks after its clients throughout their lives, champions financial literacy and education, leads from the front in terms of diversity, equal opportunities and looking after our staff, championing mental health.

Traction is the buzz word; a clear vision that people buy into and follow, backed by ensuring we have the right people in right jobs, and defining our strategy by building on the question we asked last year, is there a better way?

We developed a 36-month plan, which breaks into an annual plan for the business. In turn this leads to concentrated three month plans for each of the Senior Managers.

All our measurements, targets and bonuses involve every one of our people being the very embodiment of the Coreco brand and DNA. Every person & process has one question in mind, what is the client feeling?

Our professionalism and personality is evident from the very moment the phone rings, an email, live-chat or web lead is received. We constantly improve through teamwork and collaboration, updating processes on important things such as protection and general insurance.

This year we will submit over £1 billion worth of mortgage lending, and are still one of few brokers who have a bit of everything; looking after Estate Agents, Corporate mortgage surgeries, our successful website and marketing, as well as being cheerleaders for brokers.

Our Organogram, putting the Customer at the top, continues to define the Coreco approach.

Our Client Servicing Team is the cornerstone of Coreco’s process, ensuring they are dealt with correctly and enjoy the same Coreco experience. We emphasise the lifetime value of a client to ensure they are very much part of the Coreco family.

We are well known for our approach to Social Media, our press coverage and for being the first brokers to produce regular Podcasts. It’s not just about Coreco, it’s about promoting the wider industry, education, and ensuring borrowers have professional advice.

We work in partnership with lenders, believing that the future of our industry relies on working together.

Coreco shows what can be achieved with belief and hard work. This award would really mean something to us, rather than being just another notch.

This is our baby, the reason we get up early, leave late and risk our relationships at home or have not got paid what we could do elsewhere.

All we have achieved is on a tiny budget, driven by our ideas, passion and belief that consumers deserve better. I am grateful and proud of this industry and what it has allowed us to achieve.

We don’t just talk it, we believe it, it’s part of us, its hard coded into our DNA.