Countrywide Surveying Services

We’ve kept it simple! Some key highlights from the last year:

  • Maintained our focus on delivering great service and enhancing the customer experience for our clients especially during these difficult times
  • Moving to a desktop valuation model to help thousands of brokers and their homeowner and home mover customers get their mortgage offer – this includes getting 14 lenders (who account for 50% of all mortgage volumes) onto desktop valuations within days of lockdown
  • We promptly established work from home options and fully tested them
  • A conference call daily was also set up at 5.30pm (post daily Government briefings) – Business and Exec Committee
  • On return from lockdown, we moved quickly to get all the teams back and move the backlog of over 20,000 cases as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring we kept staff and customers safe
  • Provided a range of workshops, delving into Post Valuation Queries, reducing these further to improve the customer journey as well as time to offer. Customer Care Workshops delivered, sharing our extensive property knowledge with staff to help them help their customers
  • Established a Customer Risk Forum, benchmarking quality of service,recording improvements required and tracking success rate
  • Developed an online portal enabling clients to send PVQ’s, including attachments, and receive responses all in one place. No more email traffic required and a full audit trail for each case. Includes a chat facility, enabling staff to ‘web chat’ for general or case specific queries. A great success in reducing call traffic
  • We kept in touch with our survey customers during lockdown, to reassure them that we would be swift to undertake the inspection and get them moving when lockdown measures came to an end. It also ensured we were able to promptly refund customers whose circumstances had changed due to the impact of the pandemic
  • ISO Accreditation – Successful recertification of ISO9001 and ISO27001
  • The CSS Training Academy has delivered 200+ surveyors into the industry in the last 6 years. 2020 is no different with 20 qualifying this year and another 12 going through who will qualify in 2021 as AssocRICS so far and we have commitment from the Group and Board to invest further in the coming years. This initiative has made a positive impact on the industry and will continue to benefit our clients with greater capacity
  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) score for October has increased to 75. This is the highest our monthly score has been in over a year. Below are just some of the comments received:

“When the survey had been completed the surveyor rang me to inform me of his findings and explained the coding system. The survey was comprehensive and thorough and enabled me to feel confident in the purchase. The written report was sent via email the next working day.”

“We were very pleased with the very fast and efficient service. Your surveyor contacted us prior to his visit to the property to see if we had any specific concerns which was great. His report followed very promptly.”