Coutts Private Bank provides the highest level of service resulting in a seamless broker and client journey experience from start to finish. Collaboration between the broker, BDT, our designated intermediary team alongside our credit managers provide the brokers with credit expertise and a centre of excellence for complex lending.

BDT have created a centre of excellence for all intermediaries who are on the banks panel and

welcomes any new intermediaries across the mortgage broking network.

We pride ourselves on following up on all cases and making sure if we say yes to a deal at inception this is followed through with the appropriate personalised service. The engagement BDT has with our intermediaries allows us to find out how we can improve our broker and client journeys. All feedback is provided to our in-house journeys team which allows the bank to make suitable changes as and when appropriate to policy, process and pricing.

We take pride to work with intermediaries on complex lending applications and work with the broker to provide a bespoke arrangement.

Throughout the pandemic Coutts has evolved and adapted to accommodate ever changing landscape of clients mortgage requirements. Over the past year we have introduced a bespoke offering where the bank works with the client and the intermediary to provide a credit facility with very competitive pricing. In addition, we have introduced a “green mortgage” for properties with an EPC rating of C and above which provides a refund on fees for clients who renovate or purchase their properties to improve efficiency.

The bank can work with UK residents, non-residents and non-domiciled for properties across England, Wales and Scotland. Bringing the best of the bank to the client provides a Private

Banking experience which clients value for generations.

We take pride in our ability to offer lending facilities that provide clients with flexibility, a tailored solution in a cost-effective way.

The perception of Coutts mortgages is that we lend to Private clients for the purchase or re mortgage of their residential home, but the bank offers far more than just standard mortgages.

We can offer credit services by working with our intermediary partners for self builds, development finance, offset mortgage facilities, currency lending, bank of mum and dad, LTD/SPV lending for

investment purposes, offshore lending, second home, BTL, loans to trusts, estates/landowner facilities, partnership profit loans, and investment back lending facilities.

By offering such an array of loan and mortgage facilities this provides a “one stop shop” for all private banking clients in England, Wales and Scotland for facilities over £1m.