Fitch & Fitch


These six words are at the heart of everything will do at Fitch & Fitch, they encompass the vision, values, behaviours and practices of our company.

It starts with a vision…

Our culture is more than the output of a coffee fuelled workshop where the loudest voice wins. It is a deep routed belief system that runs through the veins of the business. It starts at the top and cascades through our hierarchy and applies to everyone who represents Fitch & Fitch in whatever way.

“To be recognised as the mortgage broker of choice. Building upon our award winning reputation of providing advice that our customers can trust. To be the company industry professionals aspire to join, and our clients want to use over and over again.”

Our Core Values…

Our values help us stay within our vision. It’s not an exhaustive ‘nice things to do’ list but principles of what we are about. The delivery of these values applies to everyone within Fitch & Fitch sharing the responsibility of excellence and quality equally. There is no hierarchy when it comes to delivering these values.


To generate trust and loyalty amongst our staff and to help them generate the same trust and bond with their clients.


Speak the truth and act truthfully, with everything we do.


Act with skill care & due diligence, cooperative with our regulators, treat Customers Fairly, observe proper standards of market conduct.

Our Values, Our Approach…

Our values reinforce our approach of wanting to exceed people’s expectations at every opportunity. It enables Fitch & Fitch to offer a service that is individual, utilising the latest technology without compromising our commitment to a personal client service.

We believe happy staff are a key to happy clients….

It’s old saying but find a job you love and it’s no longer a job. This is very true at Fitch & Fitch, where we do our best to encourage a happy, fun and harmonious working environment. To allow those within Fitch & Fitch to take control of their work life balance and overall happiness by working for a company that puts their personal well-being first.

See what our clients are saying about us at Fitch & Fitch…

“Just a little note to extend my gratitude for all your hard work and commitment to getting this one over the line. It is without doubt the smoothest and quickest transaction I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in. You are a credit to your industry and shall not hesitate in continuing to refer you to worthy clients.”

“Moving house has to be up there with one of the most stressful periods of life. So many things can go wrong at any moment. I always felt like I was right up to date with all the relevant information needed which took away part of the stress. They listen and act upon instructions in a professional manner and give guidance/advice when required”