HL Partnership

Owned by Josewin Ltd since 2008, HL Partnership Ltd (HLP) is the largest privately owned Mortgage and Protection Network in the UK. Josewin purchased MSN in July 2017 and will have successfully integrated the 106 members into HLP after a 9 month implementation programme creating a combined distribution base of almost 350 Firms and 650 advisers.

Despite the rise of product transfers which have grown by 5% over 2018, HLP saw its mortgage volume increase to record levels and now regularly completes on over £500m per month compared to circa £200m per month in 2016.

Through a comprehensive training and development programme, HLP has seen a marked increase in the take up of multi benefit protection which now account for 52% of sales.

Increases in lending volumes, and changes to protection recommendations are reflective of a recruitment strategy focussing on quality firms, encouraging those that do not share the same culture and values to seek alternative distribution partners and whilst offering a dedicated consultancy resource which helps existing successful firms recruit new advisers.

Supported by our business partners, HLP and MSN members will have access to fifty six events arranged locally across the year covering a number of informative topics including specific themes such as Limited company buy to let, protection, tech & marketing and social media.

The event programme is central to our engagement with members with the Director Team from the Network attending the Business Development Forums to gain valuable feedback on future business strategy and helps shape the Network proposition to ensure it creates the right environment to treat customers fairly.

HLP has dedicated resource to supporting Later Life lending, and developed a 10 step approach to authorisation and on-going monitoring. HLP has also recruited a trainer that has a specific remit to develop the member’s skillsets in later life lending and again reflects that, HLP is not afraid to invest in the future of its member’s businesses.

HLP’s technology roadmap has been designed to make the advice process easier with full integration of twenty7tec mortgage sourcing into the 360.net fact find and is ready for the upcoming release of MortgageApply. IPipeline and Solution B

uilder use fact find data to allow the adviser to quote on multiple protection scenarios to a budget and integration with a general insurance provider makes the process of recommending GI simple. The customer can complete their own fact find in the cloud and can upload documents securely.

HLP also offers a customer marketing programme where the Network sends out, on behalf of the broker, a professionally designed newsletter driven by data that sits in the CRM. In October, almost 50k customers received a communication from the HLP adviser encouraging them to make contact. This service is created and paid for by HLP and demonstrates HLP’s commitment to meet the challenges of the digital revolution and enhance the customer experience.

The culture of HLP and MSN is to constantly develop its proposition to support members as the mortgage and protection market develops over time, to be relentless in creating an environment that delivers good customer outcomes, and to ensure it works in partnership with lenders and Insurers for a shared goal.