Hope Capital

Over the course of the last year, we have launched a range of products and features which are relevant to the bespoke needs of brokers and their clients. This includes the Refurbishment Range, Development Exit Loan, and the LIONS Fast Track Bridge. We have also revamped a number of our existing and highly sought-after products, including the Seventies Collection and Eighties Collection.

The marketing campaigns to support these new products, have been instrumental in ensuring we have retained significant levels of interest from brokers and borrowers, during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have also worked extremely hard to create dynamic campaigns that are interesting, effective and educational.

For example, in line with the EURO 2021’s, we decided to launch the LIONS Fast Track Bridge. The branding around this product was cleverly associated with the competition and was released the day after England’s defeat in the final, to provide brokers and borrowers with an uplifting and positive message as ‘roaring deals to lift their spirits’. The marketing message utilised, contained an acronym using the word LIONS, to easily explain to brokers and borrowers what was included in the product:

L = LTV max 65% on property worth up to £500k

I = Interest rates from 0.39%

O = Zero upfront solicitors fees

N = No valuation & No Personal Guarantees

S = Speed and service excellence

The identity of this product was extremely well received externally, generating a significant amount of media coverage and an 87% increase in website traffic compared to the previous week.

We have spent the last year focusing heavily on building brand and product awareness, which has partly been achieved by our ‘Captain’. Images of the Captain have been included in the supplementary material with this submission. The Captain, has been adapted on various occasions when promoting our product range, which has helped to increase awareness of the Hope Capital brand and was also used to differentiate ourselves from competitors.

During the last year, we have prioritised providing consistent communication with the market, aiming to build engagement with our broker audience using social media. This was particularly important during the lockdown periods, where actively communicating with brokers and borrowers was essential for firms across the lending and wider financial sector.

Other key highlights of Hope Capital’s marketing performance include:

  • Expanding our marketing team, with the recruitment of a highly experienced PR and Social Media Executive and Graphic Designer
  • Creating campaigns to coincide products with calendar events, e.g. revamping the Seventies Collection products to tie in with Christmas etc. These launches were all supported by the implementation of a detailed product matrix, PR and social media activity, the creation of new web content, emails and banner advertising.

Overall, Hope Capital has achieved exponential growth and achieved many significant milestones over the past year. The success Hope Capital has experienced is undoubtedly partly down to the hard work of the marketing team, which is why we would be so proud and extremely honoured to win this award.