Kate McTernan – Redditch Mortgage Advice

I’m Kate McTernan.

33 year old mother to Joseph.

I was a weekend sales negotiator at 16 and moved into financial services for a large corporate business when I was 20.

At 27, I became a self-employed advisor arranging 15-20 mortgages every month, and in 2020 I have a team of 7 working with me.

In October we submitted 102 mortgage applications.

I’m an advocate of the development and celebration of hardworking and successful ladies who are making an impact in a very male dominated industry. And one of my proudest achievements is having 7 amazing ladies work with me who share the same values and worth ethic.

I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to influence and positively impact other women through my workforce and social media audience.

I have gained the loyalty of my customers and retained them by demonstrating trust, respect, honesty, care and compassion and always giving them my time.

Built relationships with estate agents, business managers, solicitors, accountants and other industry professionals.


I’ve improved my website regularly, invested in an online booking system and introduced the use of business WhatsApp.

Social Media:

Particularly Facebook allows me to interact and communicate with customers and local community. Posts are informative but fun and I’m able to share my achievements with my clients.


Google and Facebook reviews are a reflection of my values and make me stand out from the competition.


I offer a reward scheme as a thank you to clients for their recommendations.

Work Ethic & Passion:

You get what you work for, not what you wish for (if a quote summed me up.)

Covid has presented the industry with many challenges. Mainly, increased work load, backlogs and case placement.

To adapt to the new conditions we work in I have had to work harder than ever, recruiting 2 more administrators to manage the increased work load, moving into a larger premises to make social distancing manageable and diversifying my lender spread in order to find solutions for my customers.

I had to adapt my team very quickly to enable them to work from home and carry out client appointments through video and telephone calls.

Additionally, I had to provide them with regular support, both personally and professionally, to ensure they felt motivated, reassured and most crucially to maintain our team culture.

Whilst dealing with record numbers of applications, I have supported clients that face financial hardship due to the pandemic. Advising them on payment holidays and existing protection, which may reimburse their income and giving them my friendship and emotional support.

 “Well done Kate. You don’t dream about success you are out there working hard not only to be good but GREAT!” Veselina Zalamova – Facebook Review

 “When banks stopped lending due to Covid, Kate worked hard to secure us a mortgage even while she was on holiday she worked tirelessly to sort it for us. The sleepless nights she must get as she genuinely cares.” – Deb Hopkins Facebook Review