Kensington is the UK’s fastest growing large specialist mortgage lender with a 25-year heritage of creating innovative mortgage products with lending criteria that meets the needs of the people the high street lenders can’t cater for. We use a combination of data and human insight to look beyond the tick boxes on an application form because we understand that no two people or their circumstances are the same. And real people make our decisions, so unlike some mainstream lenders, we don’t have to only rely on what the ’computer says’. This ‘’head and heart’’ approach is key to everything we do.

Our product development process always starts with how we can best meet the needs of the diverse circumstances that people have. We offer the specialist mortgages you’d expect but we also use our expertise to create meaningful products for new audiences.

Our award-winning Hero mortgage is a case in point. Using Office of National Statistics (ONS) and our own proprietary data and analytics tool Vector, we determined that public sector workers had a better than average history of repaying their mortgage and fared better through fluctuating economic cycles, but were restricted by generic affordability criteria. This insight led to the creation of the Hero Mortgage which enables keyworkers such as nurses and teachers to borrow more (5x income) than they would likely receive from other lenders.

We were the first specialist mortgage lender to launch a ‘green’ product that helps people reduce their carbon footprint. Our eKo £1,000 Cashback Mortgage rewards customers who improve the energy efficiency rating of their existing homes by 10 Standard Assessment Points. And when the mortgage industry shut down during the first Covid-19 lockdown, we continued to lend and rapidly introduced an automated solution for customers rolling off mortgage payment holidays.

Service to our broker partners is a key component of our proposition and is religiously monitored – to the point that we would prefer to limit new cases, if not doing so means reducing our service levels.  Our Lending Criteria Digital Assistant provides 24/7 support and we regularly provide brokers with data on their performance vs benchmarks to help them understand where there are opportunities to grow their business. We’ve also recently launched a new broker portal which delivers a more modern, simplified experience.

Our broker webinar series, started during the first Covid-19 lockdown, has rapidly grown in popularity. We are regularly joined by industry experts covering topics such as New Build, Buy to Let and the self-employed. The webinars have driven our thought leadership credentials and feedback scores regularly deliver 98% good/excellent and 96% would recommend. We now attract registrations of over 800 people, with journalists and other mortgage lenders also attending the webinars.

It’s the sum of the parts of our business that attracts brokers and customers to Kensington. A commitment to providing excellent service, along with propositions that resonate and can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives.

That’s what we call the #KensingtonDifference.