Key – Marketing Campaign nomination

Key is a leading retirement finance expert helping over-55s release more than £5 billion worth of equity from their homes. Unique in the category, Key offers fee free equity release advice on a range of over 80 Key branded products.

In 2019 Key carried out extensive consumer research and concluded that the barriers to customers considering ER were the legacy perceptions of the category. Addressing common misconceptions and improving customer understanding through education were identified as the essential ingredients to encourage greater consideration of a financial solution that helps thousands of people a year fill the retirement funding gaps many now face.

Key’s new campaign addresses many of the questions people have about ER head on. With the ultimate aim of honestly helping customers decide whether equity release meets their personal needs. The core emphasis for Key’s new campaign is ‘Equity release that’s right for you’, because if it isn’t, Key will tell you.

With Kevin Whately as the distinctive voice of the campaign the creative concept revolves around an animated couple who seek answers to the ER questions asked by many, and turn to Key for advice. Starting with a simple question mark, the faces of the illustrated characters show how their questions are resolved when they turn to Key for the answers. We know that when these initial barriers are addressed, customers see equity release in a completely different light.

Each channel plays a role in providing information that could challenge pre-conceived notions of what ER is and how it works. New designs and content were created for every channel from TV, Press, Paid Social, PPC, Email, Direct Mail, Door Drops, Content videos, Customer Guides to a total website refresh, all offering answers and resources designed to answer questions, build trust and drive confidence in both the Key brand and the category.

Key unveiled the “Equity release that’s right for you” brand proposition in Jan2020.


  • Busts many of the myths about the Equity Release category and addresses many common questions about the sector head on
  • Positions Key as a business that is focussed on providing personal and honest advice to customers
  • Delivers a truly integrated campaign with a consistent visual approach and messaging that educates customers about the category and brand across every touchpoint.
  • Includes 16 pieces of educational film deployed across Paid Social and the website including a 120” film demystifying the products and process involved in equity release
  • Has delivered an average 66 million TV audience impacts a month, 350 full page insertions national titles such as The Sun, Daily Mail, Express, Mirror.

Which has resulted in:

  • A 17% increase in enquiries – Q1 2019 v Q1 2020 with the same YoY spend
  • A 10% reduction in the cost of customer acquisition YTD
  • New customers being driven to consider the category and contact Key

Watch this space as we continue to build on the ‘Equity release that’s right for you’ proposition, building and growing trust in the sector for all of those involved.


Link to the 2020 Key TV advert