Landbay – Innovator nomination

Landbay stands out as a remarkable and highly professional lender. Its innovation, market-leading products, introduction of a 2-minute DiP and free title insurance, immediately marks it as exceptional. Add to that state-of-the art technology combined with its human touch – and the fact it’s stayed within its SLAs all year, and it clearly stands head and shoulders above its peers.

Landbay continued to lend and to innovate throughout the pandemic including lockdown.  It launched its 2-minute Decision in Principle right at the start of the lockdown, dramatically shortening the time that it takes and enabling brokers to give their clients an indicative answer immediately.

It now provides a 100% online process from start to finish. It also introduced:

  • clone case function to speed up portfolio-based purchases
  • Docusign functionality for one-click case submissions
  • Free Title Insurance in order to speed up turnaround times further and save borrowers money as they won’t have to wait for searches to be returned
  • A buy-to-let mortgage with no early repayment charges
  • Increased loan sizes to £2million
  • its maximum age limit extended to 95 years old for limited company directors to make its mortgages accessible to every age group

These innovations ensure placing a mortgage with Landbay is both quick and efficient.  It has also continued to get new funders which means that it has launched new products throughout and is therefore one of the most financially robust lenders.

Landbay has one of the most technically advanced operating platforms in the mortgage market, which not only enabled its staff to all seamlessly transfer to working from home, but meant it could continue to lend throughout the lockdown.  Because of this, Landbay has also operated within its service level agreements (SLAs) throughout the pandemic and continues to do so.

But Landbay hasn’t lost its personal touch, brokers have direct access to BDMs and the underwriting team.  Each broker has a dedicated BDM who will work with them to find a solution.  It also offers a tailored approach to underwriting so it secures funding faster while offering brokers all the support they need.

Because of these measures, Landbay is seeing record volumes, even exceeding those pre-lockdown levels.