For Landbay, marketing is all about finding ways that it can best help intermediaries and better equip them to help their clients.

As soon as lockdown started, Landbay was the first to provide a webinar, in partnership with Mortgage Introducer, in order to support the broker community.  With an economist as its founder and its chairman being a leading expert on the wider money markets, Landbay was uniquely qualified to support both brokers and the wider community.

They did this by providing impartial and educated comment on what was happening not only in the buy-to-let market, but the wider mortgage market and the housing market as a whole.

Landbay also participated in webinars aimed directly at landlords and property investors, providing informative comment and opinion on how lockdown may affect them and the impact of the payment holiday schemes. Always helping to drive landlords to mortgage brokers for personal advice.

Landbay continued to provide this valuable content throughout the lockdown and its series of four intermediary-focused webinars reaching more than 1,200 when broadcast live, with the recorded versions reaching more still and still being watched now.