We believe that technology is here to support the human contact between us as a lender and our valued intermediary partners, it is definitely NOT to replace such interaction. We believe specialist advice, that is provided by intermediaries, is crucial to achieving the right end result for the applicant.

We have been growing rapidly and this year we were incredibly proud to achieve 6th place in Deloitte’s Fast50 of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK; and 11th place in the FT1000 – the Financial Times’ annual list of the fastest growing European companies.

Our cloud-based technology and telephony infrastructure is continually being upgraded by our team of highly skilled tech engineers. For example, our Decisions in Principle take 90 seconds to complete and deliver a decision instantly. If application data is missing the system alerts the intermediary and this ensures we receive an accurately completed application each time.

We have operated on a paperless basis since the very beginning and we’ve been pleased to see many of our competitors follow in our footsteps. Intermediaries know that documents can be uploaded and case updates are always available with details of their status and any action that is required by us or the intermediary.

When mortgage payment holidays were announced we quickly built technology solutions enabling fast, accurate decisions for borrowers entering and later exiting a payment holiday. We were able to provide customers with decisions within 24 hours of receiving the required information.

During the year we upgraded our broker portal with the addition of four new pieces of functionality that make intermediaries’ lives much easier when dealing with buy-to-let clients. These include the flexibility to download ESIS documentation at any time in the process. Intermediaries now have a more detailed view of the status of each of their cases and are notified when key stages have been reached. Applicants no longer need to e-sign our Offer document, which means that solicitors will be instructed as soon as an Offer is made, so they can start the conveyancing process immediately.

We also created an innovative BTL calculator, which is intuitive and easy to use. It factors in the specific product, taking into account the type of property and whether the client is an individual or limited company, and within seconds, gives the interest cover ratio. The intermediary then has the option to submit for a DIP.

We work hard to deliver state-of-the-art technology and we have one of the most technically advanced operating platforms in the mortgage market – but we never stand still. Our application system was designed by brokers for brokers using intermediary focus groups to test it and recommend changes. We always listen to our intermediary partners and we are currently working on the next stage of upgrades to make the process even more seamless for intermediaries and their clients.

We would really appreciate your vote thank you.