L&C Mortgages

At L&C we are proud of our business growth and the increasing number of families we protect.

We embed protection in the mortgage process to ensure that every mortgage customer we speak to is put in an ‘educated position’.  This ensures we highlight their protection need, the benefit of having cover as well as an indicative cost.

In 2019 our specialist protection advisers increased the business placed on risk by 74%.

Overall L&C submitted

  • 30,000 policies
  • 33% of all mortgage customers (new and existing, buy-to-let and residential) – received a life recommendation
  • 50% of all protection policies arranged included Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection demonstrating our focus on best advice – 11,000 CIC and 4,000 IP
  • Business Spread for Income Protection increased from 8% in 2018 to 13% in 2019 and is now running at 19% for 2020


At L&C we see the importance of digital communication in increased engagement levels.

We integrated with tech company Anorak to generate personalised risk reports for all of our customers who didn’t initially see the need for protection and have sent in excess of 8,000 since launch.

Customer outcome

We have helped improve the application process as well as the claims and retention journeys:-

  • Improved clarity of declarations to ensure transparency and reduce application journey time.
  • Worked with two large providers to improve customer experience throughout the claims journey.
  • Lobbied providers to improve early warning systems to ensure customers aren’t cancelling policies in error.
  • As a member of the Protection Distributor’s Group we supported the introduction and implementation of the Funeral Pledge and Claims Charter.


Our customers are not forgotten once their policies go on risk as our customer care team offer support to those who need to claim.

They helped over 70 families through their claims in 2019 and 78 so far in 2020.  Not only do they offer support, they remind customers of additional benefits available with their policies and have also provided support material to help families discuss bereavement and serious illness with their children.

Perhaps most importantly, we have challenged declined claims and been successful in seeing declined claims overturned.

Vulnerable Customers

We have introduced a vulnerable customer policy and trained all staff in this important area. Our head of customer care is a vulnerable customer champion and has received an industry recognised award for her work.

In response to the pandemic we introduced extra communications, messaging on our website and produced new training material to ensure that all customers were aware of the payment support options available from providers. This education helped avoid the cancellation of policies that customers so very much need.