Linear Financial Solutions

I am delighted to see Linear short-listed for “Broker of the Year (Less than 40 Advisers)” in the 2020 Mortgage Introducer Awards and to submit my support for the firms nomination. Everyone involved with Linear appreciates this is a keenly contested category and we extend our best wishes to the four other businesses nominated for this honor who will have overcome new challenges, like many businesses in 2020, to deserve their nominations.

Linear has evolved as a business over many years, adapting to change not being an uncommon requirement in our industry, however it would have taken a lot more than 20:20 vision for even the most forward-thinking industry leaders to predict where we would be as we head into the final weeks of this most unusual year.

Linear started January 2020 with 26 Mortgage Advisers across the UK all looking forward to a busy Q1 servicing existing and new client’s needs in offices and homes, working alongside various Introducers.

By the end of March, a Brave New World beckoned! New ways of working to master quickly and a change at the top in terms of management oversight. Communication to everyone had to swiftly promote stability, sustain confidence, and provide appropriate support and reassurance regarding LSL plc Group’s backing of the business and plans for growth.

A new era for Linear has ultimately progressed well throughout 2020 to deliver positive change:

  • Direct access to PRIMIS Mortgage Network (Virtual) Training and Business Development Events
  • Support for industry returners and new entrants via a new ‘Direct’ strategy in partnership with PRIMIS recruitment
  • Promotion of Adviser “self-investment” to recognize and appreciate the value of jointly funded administrative support, and then make the most of what this is designed to do – free up time to focus on business generation
  • Softer marketing strategies, supported by automated e-mail technology (powered by Eligible), in line with how clients expect to be communicated with and treated – regular and informative contact for awareness, respectful, non-invasive, helpful, promoting retention and non-solicited referrals
  • Introducing technology to promote efficiency for clients in achieving their desired aims – launching Mortgage Gym technology on our website and offering a complementary funded online Will solution for clients completing business
  • Launching a new Client Services team in Q4 2020 – providing enhanced support for existing Advisers and their clients, as well as helping to service the ongoing needs of clients whose previous advisers are no longer with the business

Linear heads towards 2021 with a broader strategic proposition for Advisers and plenty of optimism for the future. Adviser numbers are up to 36 – two of whom have been deservedly short-listed for the Mortgage Introducer Best Broker (Individual Award)! Both are incredibly hard-working, successful Advisers and Linear brand ambassadors, providing great client service, employment for others and generously providing help for other Advisers too.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide the judges with more insight into Linear Financial Solutions in 2020. I look forward to joining the Event!

Donald Fraser

Sales Director