The Loans Engine

In what is a relatively small sector, there is absolutely fierce competition… and yet at The Loans Engine we’ve created a supportive, engaging and rewarding Intermediary proposition that has taken us from zero presence in the market, to being one of the leading solution providers for intermediaries in this space in just a few years.

Of course we work tirelessly on every case. Every client referred to Us feels the benefit of our skill, knowledge and expertise… and this is backed up by our incredible FEEFO GOLD SERVICE AWARD and the 500+ 5* Reviews we’ve received.
That is of course immensely important, but it’s really the minimum any intermediary and their Client should expect.

Where do we excel?

We’ve built an entire proposition around Intermediary needs, and we’ve done it as a new entrant to the market, whilst transitioning our entire organisation from a Direct-To-Consumer / one-off transactional model, to a High Touch, High Service, Relationship Retention operation that delivers exceptional standards for professional Intermediaries.

In 2019, we’ve doubled down and really worked to enhance the awareness and understanding of the Secured Loan Product, and we believe this is why we are finalists in the Mortgage Introducer Awards.

Our investment in training and product awareness material, and the frequency of touch points has increased significantly. The Loans Engine e-marketing programme is now regularly mentioned in dispatches by Intermediaries for delivering insightful case studies, clear and concise product updates, advocacy messages from peers and encouraging Intermediary engagement through Training workshops.

We also genuinely see our relationships with Intermediaries as a value exchange proposition beyond just the commercial arrangement. Whilst many of our competitors are purely focused on the transaction, at The Loans Engine we believe the best approach is to work at improving product knowledge and understanding as well as delivering excellent service on every enquiry.

This focus on training and awareness then delivers another key motivator for the business, great Client outcomes. Helping more Intermediaries spot the need or use cases for Secured Loans means greater Client numbers being considered for the products. This can mean life changing financial transformation. We’ve helped intermediaries reduce Clients outgoings by hundreds and in several cases over a thousand pounds per month.

Through our flexible service we provide the opportunity for the fully advised and package solution, purely the packaging support, or anything in-between. This ensures every Intermediary receives the level of support, resource and involvement they require on every deal.

In summary, at The Loans Engine there is no doubt that we deliver the service. Our reviews and ratings back this up. But Our commitment to furthering the prospects for our Intermediary partners is what we believe sets us apart.
Great Service, Engaging Marketing, Tailored Training, Specialist Solutions – The Loans Engine.