London Money

We are the first to admit that when it comes to the owner of the business winning any popularity awards, we will not be buying a trophy cabinet any day soon!

But this is not about any one individual and while he thinks the world should revolve around him, he is also conscious of the fact that London Money is at heart, a collaborative team effort.

As a business we deal with clients by committee. Simply put, that means that we, as a business, work together behind the scenes to ensure that the client journey is as smooth, efficient and solution centric as we can make it. The client may have 2or 3 advisers working on their case at any one time and we segment the enquiry and delegate accordingly so the client is served by the adviser who we feel is the more appropriate fit for them in terms of personality and skill. We want the consumer to buy in to the ethos and culture of London Money and not just see their mortgage as a one-off transaction.

It is impossible to argue against the fact that this year has been challenging. But we set out early on to ensure that we remained relevant throughout the pandemic. We continued to promote positive stories within the press and offer calm, measured and practical advice, not only to our clients, but to our peers as well. This has helped us in 2020 not only increase our turnover but also our profit and headcount.

And we are not scared to do things differently either.

Earlier in the year we publicly stated that our advisers would receive a pay rise during the first lockdown at a time when lending and revenue dried up.

We have helped raise the profile of Jiten Varsani who, when he first arrived, was relatively unknown. But we could see that he had a great message about protection that we felt needed to be heard by a wider audience. So, we rolled out a programme of seminars and content marketing for him which has now seen him become a recognised and trusted voice within the insurance world. We are all about making our people to be bigger and better than they think they are. Just do not ask Jiten how he is, you may be there some time ?.

This year we have also introduced some fresh blood into the company. This has been done to help some of our older advisers work their way toward a succession plan so that they can decide to work a slightly different way but without the fear of losing their income.

You can not reinvent the wheel. But you can reinvent what you make that wheel do and that is what London Money, as part of the wider Money Group, are doing.

First and foremost, we believe in people and that the good that they do. In essence, this is what our industry is all about.