Lucy Gulwell – Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau

I am just about to celebrate my 2nd year anniversary with Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau and have had a steep, but enjoyable, learning curve into the world of broking.

To show how far I have come, I started my career as a telephone BDM with Barclays, and this culminated with me winning an award for the Best Telephone BDM at the British Mortgage Awards in 2013. I then went on to become a Mortgage Adviser with Barclays until I accepted redundancy in September 2017. I knew from my former experience within the mortgage world that I took immense pleasure from delivering quality solutions to clients, be they internal or external, and took great pride in delivering a quality service.

Embarking on a self-employed career with CDMB seemed daunting initially, but I absolutely knew this was the right thing for me as it would enable me to continue to deliver better quality solutions now that I had the marketplace to pick from.

After applying myself to learn new skills in the networking arena, within 12 months I had secured a large Estate Agency as an Introducer, Herbert R Thomas, and I am their sole adviser in Wales. They have recently acquired sole agency for a 120-unit development of which I am the acting mortgage adviser.

Through recommendation, I was interviewed by University of Wales as a woman entrepreneur in a start up career and was asked to be part of the Wales International women’s day and an exhibitor. My story was told as part of the Independent Women’s day which was quite humbling, and the event took place on 8th March 2019.

I have an incredible passion for networking which is crucial in a self-employed world as I no longer have a captive audience as a Bancassurer.

A new venture for me is Biz Mums, which is a network akin to BNI but for local mums/women in business, it started in 2012 and now has over 900 members in South Wales. I was invited to host the Penarth chapter and it is where we all get to showcase what we do best and have discussions concerning money/social media and group products and services.

I also conduct advertising and sponsor local community events including Barry pride, Bro Radio, Barry Memo and Barry Town Football Club.

Becoming a self-employed mortgage broker has given me considerable job satisfaction have great work/life balance, which is important to me, but also fulfilling as I am a natural problem solver and love delivering positive outcomes.

It is difficult to talk about my “best deal” as they are all important to me, but the one I am most proud of is a Ltd Company Portfolio Landlord with 13 properties. They had been advised of a rate on a roll over and wanted to explore the market. I managed to secure a single loan over the entire portfolio at 3.24% and saved the client a whopping £1,154.39pm and £13852.68pa. It transpired he presided over “Caerphilly Private Landlord Group”. Help!