Magnet Capital

When we observed the market pre-entry, we found there was a distinct lack of lenders that are true specialists in what they do. Whilst many funders market themselves as specialists, too many still appeared to apply a jack-of-all-trades approach to their lending. We wanted to change this trend.

Our ethos is simple, we twin ‘old fashioned’ lending principles with modern technology and an ability to be completely flexible for our clients and brokers. We are the only lender that insists on meeting every individual that we lend to face to face and we aim to visit all of our clients throughout the life of their loan.

Further, at the sub £500,000 loan level, the market appeared to be particularly underserved by development finance specialists that are completely transparent in their fees and we have made it one of our core principles to not hide any fees on day one.

Due to our completely flexible financial backing we are able to do things that most lenders can’t. For example, we are the only lender in the market that can deliver same day stage payments for a building project. Just last week we agreed a loan variation on the same day and the client was in funds three hours after their initial request. This is how we create genuine, long term relationships with our clients and broker partners.

Here are two of our many testimonials on Trustpilot, which has rated us a perfect score of 5* on every review.