Market Financial Solutions (MFS)

2019 has been a standout year for Market Financial Solutions (MFS), achieving some of our biggest milestones on record.

While 2019 has been bursting with uncertainty, with Brexit creating difficult conditions for property investors, lenders and brokers, MFS has remained committed to arranging bridging loans with the utmost speed and professionalism. In January, MFS began offering bridging loans starting from £100,000, rather than the previous lower limit of £200,000. After the first 6 weeks of 2019, MFS had received over £100 million worth of bridging applications.

Yet whilst these have been great achievements for MFS, our most impressive triumph of 2019 was the completion of our largest bridging loan to date, issuing a £17.64 million loan. The multi-million-pound sum was used to support a LLP’s acquisition of a portfolio of properties in central London worth £27,147,000. This bridging loan marked a significant milestone for MFS, demonstrating our expertise in deploying large funds and handling complex cases. By being able to quickly deploy the necessary finance to our borrower, the case shows just why we are ideally placed to manage the needs of investors seeking large bridging loans to quickly complete on a property acquisition

All this has been achieved at a time when the political and economic climates posed significant challenges for lenders and borrowers seeking finance. While MFS specialises in the delivery of bridging loans of up to £10 million, our immediate access to in-house funds, coupled with increasing demand for our bespoke specialist finance products has resulted in MFS also servicing the upper end of the market, too.

Other notable milestones for MFS in 2019 include securing a new £100 million funding line with a global investment bank, and the completion of £4.5 million bridging loan in just four days.

However, it’s not just MFS’ handling of bridging loans that makes it stand out from our competitors. We also remain committed to advancing the cause of the specialist finance industry and educating potential borrowers. That’s why we regularly commission surveys and research to uncover how property investors and homeowners are reacting to the latest political and economic trends. These education pieces reflect our commitment to ensuring our brokers and private clients have access to the resources required to make effective decisions.

Using these unique research insights, MFS regularly engages with the national and trade press to discuss and analyse the pertinent issues affecting bridging lenders and property investors. In 2019 so far MFS CEO Paresh Raja has appeared in over 150 press titles.

At MFS, we are known for our innovation and drive to break new ground. In 2018, we became the first UK-based bridging lender to expand into Southeast Asia, launching a new office and subsidiary company in Singapore – Market Bridge Solutions (MBS). Since this launch, Paresh has been championing the UK’s specialist finance sector to property investors, borrowers and brokers in Southeast Asia, and as a result, the team at MBS is growing.