Mortgage Advice Bureau – Marketing Campaign nomination

In response to the first national lockdown, MAB launched a national Mortgage Support Service offering free support to any UK homeowner with concerns about their mortgage payments.

In line with the government, lenders reacted quickly making mortgage payment holidays available to anyone unable to keep up payments due to loss of income – although it was not yet clear how to apply.

So, we made it simple – use our helpline and our local advisers will talk you through applying for a payment holiday or help you budget through the next few months, if your income/household had been adversely affected by Covid.

At MAB, we believe everyone deserves a home – this is our company vision which ran through the campaign. Although we’re a national brand, we harness our local presence with advisers available in every UK postcode.

Our advisers always have the interests of their customers and community at heart and we knew to make this campaign a success, they would be key.

The campaign was run regionally with local support lines available. This resulted in almost 500,000 customers being contacted via email using existing customer databases. All marketing collateral was designed in-house.  Example customer email:

This integrated campaign touched all marketing disciplines including digital and social media, creative design, video, PR, PPC, and content marketing. We were passionate about genuinely doing something good for people – even if it was just giving a customer their lender’s number, having a voice on the end of the phone was something that people needed.

We were also acutely aware that during lockdown, the calls to our advisers might have been some of the only human contact people had due to self-isolating.

The campaign was two-pronged (nationally led, regionally focused) handled by the MAB marketing team who did all the heavy lifting and produced the assets for our advisers. Here’s a snapshot of the results during that period (launch date – 22nd March):

  • 78 national & regional press releases issued reaching 717 media outlets and 377
  • 149 pieces of media coverage secured (10 with back links).
  • National landing page, updated daily for customers as regulations changed, was our most visited page (either 1st or 2nd) between 23rd March & 2nd of April. On 29th March, 50% of total sessions visited the page (either 1st or 2nd).
  • On 27th March, email was one of the biggest sources of traffic directly from customer emails. We also reached over 150,000 people through paid social media advertising.

But this campaign was about more than data. The overall impact was huge for our 1,400 advisers and the homeowners they helped – it provided an opportunity to build long-term customer relationships, keep spirits high and the phones ringing – many advisers are now looking forward to a bright future with the market open again.