Movin’ Legal – Innovator nomination

At Movin’ Legal we endeavour to add value to our intermediary business and services.

We hail from a background of mortgage broking, legal services and property, which, with over 150 years combined experience, acts as a guiding principle for our behaviour.

When an intermediary chooses Movin’ Legal to look after their conveyancing we become a business extension of that intermediary; we create a symbiotic relationship, looking after both the intermediary and helping their clients’ too.

This is about more than just providing an excellent intermediary focussed proposition; more than the speed of our automation and communications – this is about our philosophy too and working hand-in-hand with our partners and instilling our values into them.

We have an intrinsic value in our approach; recognising and understanding the intermediary and the environment in which they operate in.

Understanding this core value means that our service, systems and processes can not only benefit our intermediary partners but can also help them build their own road to success.

This allows Movin’ Legal to deliver the necessary fast, professional and flexible approach that addresses both the intermediary and the individual client circumstance – a number one requirement in today’s complex environment and more so now than ever in the midst of COVID-19.

Our experienced team of pro-active Business Development Managers and Head Office teams are always on hand (almost 24/7) to provide real service for any case; individual, complex, residential, commercial – it doesn’t matter as we will always be here for our intermediaries. But perhaps just as importantly, also our solicitors too. We are here to see it out to completion and to ensure the job gets done.

Working with Movin’ Legal, the intermediary holds everything in place – sticking the process together. What we do is provide the glue to help these powerhouses of the industry bind the homebuying process into one, allowing them to continue to innovate, grow and thrive in their own business.

We are constantly looking at how we can add further value to the intermediary business chain, whether that’s in conveyancing services and processes or in other areas too such as in wills and trust, along with training and offering accredited CPD through various workshops.

Our ability to continuously innovate and adapt to the need of our partner intermediary firms, and indeed to new introducers, puts Movin’ Legal at a level other panel management companies can only aspire to.

We thrive on pushing the intermediary market forward. Coupled with our desire to enable the dream of home ownership for all, we remain truly innovative, constantly adapting to change and the number one independent legal services firm for the intermediary.