M:QUBE offers the potential for real change in the mortgage market. We’re not looking to be another lender that competes purely on rate, criteria or make incremental improvements in application speed. We have turned the mortgage application and underwriting process on its head by being smart with data. Data paired with a relentless focus on user experience and customer needs.

We make the process of originating and distributing mortgages better for all involved; driving more certainty than the current ‘decision in principle’ model and giving borrowers more control when they come to make an offer on their dream home.

Better customer outcomes are at the heart of everything we do. We know our customers get the product that is right for them, at the right price across a board range of market segments.

Not only that, customers can receive the certainty of a contractual mortgage offer within 48 hours (subject to physical valuation) and 3-4 weeks earlier in the advisor’s sales process, than lenders are able to offer today. This model offers choice, certainty and control for mortgage advisers and customers alike.

We use data-driven innovation to increase automation, reduce complexity, and speed up the process of receiving a legally-binding decision. Powering the M:QUBE customer journey is a proprietary rules engine which, with algorithms, data extraction, deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, can deliver insightful and highly robust underwriting in real-time.

Our ambition is to work with Distribution to connect the adviser’s fact find directly to the underwriting process. This provides a real time interaction, that hasn’t been done before. By doing so, we’re able to build a trusted digital image of an applicant using 1000 independently sourced data points, removing existing layers of inefficiencies and saving weeks in the process for customers. Simultaneously, by removing analogue processes such as collation of paper documents and manual data verification processes, applications are streamlined. Underwriters no longer have to spend a large chunk of time cross-referencing information on an element-by-element basis.

M:QUBE sees itself as a data centric business first and foremost, operating within the mortgage industry. This mindset presents the opportunity to create real change by building legacy-free infrastructure from the ground-up. M:QUBE has made the mortgage industry better today, and it will be even better tomorrow as our reach of lending grows and evolves.