MT Finance – Bridging Lender nomination

Dear Judges

For over a decade MT Finance has built a reputation around a strong service proposition, by being honest, communicative, and running an efficient operation. Most lenders promise a great and fast service, but we believe that a promise is only good when it is delivered and throughout 2020, we have remained committed to supporting the broker community.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has been a tough year for everyone and we wanted to ensure we remained a responsible and proactive business – and we are proud to say there has been no disruption to any of MT Finance’s operations at any stage throughout this year.

Having committed to technology early in our growth we were well equipped to have our teams work remotely. We had also implemented a Business Continuity Plan two weeks prior to the Government’s lockdown announcement, where each department took it in turns to work from home- this meant that by March we were fully prepared.

Throughout lockdown we continued to lend and by working closely with our surveyors and solicitors, maintained our valuation coverage throughout England and Wales and had a fully operational solicitors’ panel. We also worked to find solutions to the issues social distancing created- considering existing valuations from within the last three months, alongside an audit from one of our panel valuers.

The only change to our offering since Covid-19 has been sensibly reducing our LTV’s from 70% to 65%, this has enabled each transaction to work where possible whilst safeguarding against potential market changes.

Throughout 2020, MT Finance has continued to evolve and in this last year, with the backing of some of the world’s largest financial institutions, we have been able to significantly improve pricing across our range (0.69%). This means borrowers do not have to pay a premium for speed and efficiency when they elect to use our services.

In addition to pricing, we have focused on improving our product proposition to the benefit of the consumer by reducing the minimum term on our products from three months to one month across our entire range.

As a further significant evolutionary step, MT Finance became authorised by the FCA in September and is now offering regulated bridging finance products to a select panel of packagers.

In summary, we feel we are deserving of this award because we feel we possess all the traits that make a bridging lender great. Firstly, our process is quick and transparent. There are no application forms, no up-front fees, no exit fees, offers in principal are delivered within 2 hours of enquiry and valuations undertaken within 48 hours. Secondly, we listen to the feedback from our broker partners and consistently improve our products and processes. Lastly, we provide unrivalled service levels. We have never over promised or under delivered because we never want to let our brokers down- especially this year when they needed us most.

MT Finance is proud to be acknowledged for this award, and we thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kind regards,

Gareth Lewis

Commercial Director