Norton Home Loans

Norton Home Loans has been lending for over 37 years and during that time it has helped thousands of homeowners re-start their financial life, having been rejected for loans by other lenders in the marketplace.

From the lender’s inception, its mission was to provide help and support to those customers who had sustained impaired credit as the result of an event in the past.

Director Paul Stringer commented: “Many of our customers have impaired credit as the result of unemployment, prolonged sickness or a relationship breakdown; the impaired credit was typically sustained years ago and the customer’s personal circumstances have now changed. Our customers simply want to get back on track and put their previous issues behind them, and this is where we have been able to help them with a secured loan. We have a robust system in place that confirms income and expenditure, and this is verified by an up-to-date bank statement from the customer. This results in a very low delinquency rate and a significant number of customers back on track, who are then able to remortgage to a High Street Lender after a few years!

The Pandemic: COVID-19

The business continuity plan was implemented prior to the first UK pandemic lockdown in March 2020. This delivered a smooth business transition period, which has enabled lending to continue without faltering throughout the year at monthly completion levels achieved prior to the pandemic. This lending strategy will continue in 2021, with volumes expected to rise significantly, as many new customers financially affected by the pandemic will need help and support from a lender who is able to provide them with a secured loan. This will allow a customer to complete essential property repairs and consolidate debt which should reduce their monthly outgoings.

Why Norton Home Loans should be Secured Loan Lender of the Year:

  1. Has continued to lend throughout the UK pandemic in 2020. This strategy is to continue in 2021 and beyond.
  2. Longest established secured loan lender that has survived numerous economic recessions.
  3. Moral obligation to help and support customers who otherwise would be unable to obtain a loan and this allows them to get back on track financially.
  4. Intermediaries can access secured loan products either through a panel of Master Brokers or they can provide advice and Norton Home Loans will package and process the loan application on their behalf.
  5. We build strong working relationships with our Intermediaries to ensure we deliver a first-class customer service, which is always our number one priority.