Positive Lending – Secured Loan Broker nomination

Positive Lending was formed in 2008 however the key decision makers of the business has been in second charges since 1991.  Our business has continually gained traction with intermediaries in this sector due to our transparent and reasonable fee structures, robust compliance processes in house, our culture to grow our employees through a dedicated training program and a field based team supporting our 10 networks and clubs.

Positive Lending is well known to intermediaries – we promote ourselves through social media, face to face presentations (prior to Covid-19) with up to 3,000 appointments per annum and via webchats, stand up presentations and within networks broker desks.  Our philosophy is simple – ensure that we promote the markets we operate within to our brokers and clients in a way that is transparent and puts the client at the heart of every decision that we make.

To ensure this process is met we have a team of compliance case checkers who ratify EVERY loan sold prior to release of paperwork to a client.  This ensures that our advisors are monitored and training needs are identified, if required.  Quarterly 1-2-1’s look at product and lender spread, trustpilot and lender feedback and case gradings.  This is also supported by our CPD training program where every employee in the company takes 12 courses a year, and senior management take 16.  This is monitored by our Compliance and Business Assurance Director.  We have a vulnerable customer Champion at Positive to assist too.

Our underwriting team are amongst the best in the business – with experience ranging from 7 years to 15 years.  Indeed our talent across the company is exceptional with the majority of employees with previous experience at Deloittes, Santander, Nationwide, Bank of New York, Barclays, JP Morgan Chase and Nat West.

To ensure that our team can process over 3,000 enquiries in this sector per annum we have developed our own in house CRM system with inbuilt sourcing, API integration into some lenders, integrated compliance and call recording, pack builders and time and date stamped advice logs.  We do ensure though that our advisors are not robots – we feel that is very important to ensure clients feel relaxed when discussing their financial situation.

Trust is important, and they is why we now process second charges on behalf of brokers from Mortgage Intelligence, Mortgage Next, Sesame, Stonebridge, Connells Group, Openwork, Quilter, Positive Solutions, Next Intelligence and TMA Mortgage Club.  They receive compliance relief from the sales process as we offer a fully transparent advice process for their members and clients, and since inception of our first network contract in 2009 we have grown to be, arguably the largest provider of network based introductions of second charges in the market today.

There are many exceptional businesses in second charges, but I believe that Positive Lending is the stand out company in promoting and educating the market whilst protecting our clients interests.