Proportunity is a tech-driven mortgage lender that helps first-time buyers get on the property ladder by removing their biggest barrier to homeownership: large deposit requirements.

FCA authorised and regulated, Proportunity is positioned as the leading Help to Buy challenger, unlocking homeownership for everyone, especially buyers of non new-build properties ineligible for the government’s scheme.

Housing Challenge:

Pre-Covid, there were already 200,000 fewer first-time buyers annually than in 2001. Government’s response to this under-served market (H2B) is ending in 2023 and changing its scope from early 2021.

COVID-19 has further aggravated things by making many mortgage products considerably more difficult to get, as mortgage lenders pulled back low-deposit products – most lenders’ new minimum deposit requirements increased from 5% to 15-20%.


Proportunity provides homebuyers a deposit-boosting equity loan of up to £90,000, enabling them to afford the home they love with as little as 5% cash deposit.

On the backdrop of the current market, Proportunity’s home equity top-up loan is one of the few remaining options available to many aspiring homeowners. It saves them years of rent payments, helping them buy up to 5 years earlier, and lowers interest rates on their main mortgage from highstreet banks.

Company Milestones:

  • Achieved 90% predictive accuracy in the UK residential market for proprietary AI-powered real-estate technology
  • Became an FCA regulated mortgage lender in under 6 months
  • Raised funding from leading VCs (Anthemis, Axel Springer Digital Ventures, Starwood Capital, Savills and Global Founders Capital)
  • Secured a debt fund facility from a UK bank
  • Launched multiple lending products spanning different property classes
  • Lent alongside 2 of the top 5 UK mortgage lenders (Halifax & Barclays)
  • Helped finance over £22M worth of properties since started lending in late 2018

Market Traction:

  • 8,000+ customers registered on our platform at different stages of their buying journey
  • ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot customer reviews rating (consistently scoring 4.5-4.7 stars of max 5 stars)
  • 25-30% MoM users growth (prior to COVID)
  • Doubled last 2-years’ portfolio in the past 5 months (post property market lockdown)
  • Added 230+ new intermediary broker relationships (since September) and introduced over 900 customers

Company Outlook:

  • Securing a £75M debt fund facility to fuel recent growth
  • Partnering with Home Builder Federation to provide the UK’s top 40 developers with a H2B financing alternative starting 2021
  • Expansion to another Europe country with affordability-constrained metropolitan markets

Industry Recognition:

Listed as a ‘rising star’ in housing financing by KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations Overview 2020, Idinvest Partners’ European Consumer Startups Map 2020 and named one of Tech Nation’s 15 exciting FinTech companies to watch in 2020.

Mainstream media coverage featuring our equity loan as a viable option of buying without

help from the Bank of Mum and Dad (e.g. The Telegraph, City AM, Homes & Property, Property Week).

Tech Awards:

  • Tech Nation Fintech 3.0 cohort, a growth programme for best and brightest UK fintechs
  • One of 5 AI startups graduating Google’s Machine Learning Incubator
  • Winner of CBRE’s Innovation Challenge at MIPIM UK
  • One of 12 most innovative startups at TechCrunch Disrupt SF
  • Entrepreneur First 7 alumnus