Pure Protect

Founded in 2013, Pure Protect is an award-winning protection brokerage that works with mortgage advisers, lenders and other financial services professionals throughout the UK to ensure that their clients are fully protected by life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection GI and even private medical insurance.

With the industry’s protection gap still prevalent, and the added pressures from the pandemic, Pure Protect is passionate about consumers gaining specialist protection advice to guarantee that they have the right product for their requirements, increasing the likelihood of pay-out if needed.

During the first national lockdown this year, Pure Protect was able to hit the ground running thanks to its remote working model. This financial year, the protection broker saw a significant increase of c.23% in the productivity of its b2c proposition as consumers were keen to source the best protection possible to ensure they have the much-needed security for their family.

Furthermore, Pure Protect made it a priority to reach out to its client base and review their policies. Some clients disclosed that during their policy a medical condition occurred, yet they didn’t think to claim. By having a simple conversation with a Pure Protect adviser, consumers were able to successfully claim on their policy. The only benefit to the protection broker from this was client satisfaction.

At a time when demand for mortgage advice has seen a significant increase, Pure Protect take the risk and burden away from mortgage advisers who may not be able to fully dedicate their time to the important protection conversation. Pure Protect guides consumers from initial enquiry through to completing the policy trusts, with the introducer still able to earn on the referral. The protection broker is dedicated to creating meaningful, long-term relationships with advisers based on understanding, clarity and integrity – it’s no wonder why mortgage advisers highly recommend Pure Protect (see testimonial attached).

This outstanding service that Pure Protect provide in this area has come to fruition as during this period they have seen their lead enquiries increase significantly by c.51%, which has naturally converted into an increase in Pure Protect’s adviser productivity of c.64%.

This year, Pure Protect has also enhanced its processes and offering. In August 2020, the protection broker adopted a lead referral portal to aid its b2b proposition, making the introducer journey seamless, as well as significantly improving operational efficiency. Nearly 200 introducers now use this platform, and the feedback has been fantastic, as introducers have praised how quick and simple it has made the process.

This new portal has been integral for GI referrals too. New for October 2020, Pure Protect spotted a gap in the market to help aid busy directly authorised advisers and appointed representatives of the Sesame network by offering GI referrals. This has received a great response from consumers and introducers alike, as it helps to significantly enhance the protection conversation.

2020 may have been an undesirable year for many, but throughout this time Pure Protect has continuously shown the important role it has to play in supporting both consumers and advisers alike.