SimplyBiz Mortgages strives to be much more than just a payment path, working hard to deliver first class service around four key pillars of success.

  1. Working to save Members time.
  2. Proactively collaborating with partners to create new and exciting opportunities.
  3. Creating an atmosphere for our Members’ businesses to thrive, by identifying opportunities that will significantly enhance their turnover and service levels.
  4. Ensuring Members are given the opportunities to safeguard and futureproof their businesses, whether that be with lenders or through our supporting compliance services.

In support of the above, we provide bespoke training on fraud, through a collaboration between lenders, our compliance specialists and the wider team, to support Members and ultimately the wider sector under this issue.

We support over 4,000 mortgage intermediaries across the UK, and 2019 strategy has been to ensure Members are prepared for changes affecting the market. This has included assistance around GDPR, BTL and SM&CR, where Members can access a dedicated hub including paper based, online and one-to-one SM&CR support to ensure they meet requirements and are best placed to meet 2020’s challenges.

We work to make a real difference by giving our Members more choice, creating foundation income via referrals, effectively supporting their marketing, providing training for admin staff, soft skills and overcoming objections support, client management plans, and business opportunities to develop and grow business through core services and an extensive referrals panel.

We strive to lead the way in innovation, creative educational events, marketing, training, fraud prevention and the ultimate – service.

We have managed over 80 events in 2019 with over 100 booked for 2020.

  • Best of the Best. Lender Senior Management & Director representation only allowing attendees to have high-level conversations.
  • Battle of the Brands. Lenders go head-to-head to win Member votes for the best products, opportunity and value for their business.
  • New and improved Mortgage Meetings. Tackling topics across the industry.
  • Specialised Protection Events. Defining scenarios and relevant products.
  • Mortgage Showcase Events. Industry events featuring over 55 lenders and providers with expo and seminar areas, and a significantly growing cross-industry attendance.
  • Showcase Charity Banquet. A unique event where in just 2 years, with cross-sector support, it’s raised nearly £40,000 to-date.

Location, location, location – sees us attend 30 venues to aid accessibility, where this year, over 2,500 Members attended.

We recruit our team defining key strengths to attract talent from across the mortgage industry. We then deliver support to help Members diversify their business model, moving in line with a changing market and providing support in placing complex cases.

We’re highly flexible in our approach and can adapt with speed to ensure we deliver what’s needed. It is our belief that all distributors should monitor their business model to ensure it fits the needs of their members and ultimately the end client. We have this at the centre of all we do and are pleased that our Members are also of the belief that we have delivered many positive benefits again this year.

Thank You.