Specialist Money

We are a relatively new business and to be nominated and shortlisted for the Mortgage Introducer award for this years Best Buy to Let Broker is a great honour.

Specialist Money was formed in July 2019 as part of The Money Group and the key role of Specialist Money is to support our Clients and the wider Money Group with their Buy to Let and Specialist Mortgage cases.

The purpose of our creation was to form a business that was able to look at those cases that would have potentially been turned away due to a lack of knowledge of the Buy to Let market or a lack of understanding of lender products and the regulations. Not all brokers work within the Buy to Let space or they prefer to handle more vanilla transactions in the daily running of their business, however, they would still transact with Clients who have Buy to Let requirements.

Specialist Money realises the importance of the Buy to Let sector and has enabled brokers within the group to achieve increased levels of positive outcomes for their Clients by improving knowledge levels across the group, by working with our Partners on their cases and by working with our Clients directly on their applications.

Our goal with all Clients is to make sure we are providing the best possible journey at all times, which would mean providing an amazing service whilst making the process as simple as possible and making sure the best possible outcome is achieved. This is all backed up by a Team here at Specialist Money who have built great knowledge over many years and have a sound understanding of the Buy to Let sector.

Our aim with our Lender partners is to build relationships where we are able to work together effectively, where we can talk openly and where we are able to be creative together to achieve the business, the groups and most importantly the clients goals.

The first year in business has certainly not been simple and the pandemic has of course had an impact on the way we were able to operate, however, we are still here and we are still thriving. From the outset we had put in place measures that allowed us to operate remotely and this has resulted in the lockdown situations having very minimal impact on the way we are able to work with our Clients and Partners. The world has changed and new technology such has Zoom has been adopted so as we can continue to communicate effectively.

Even with the ongoing pandemic and the tests that have been encountered by the industry in 2020 we have been able to grow and we have been in a great position to bring in people with incredible industry expertise and knowledge. This will continue and we will go from strength to strength.