Stisi Group

We are a small 5-person family run business with the biggest heart you could find. We feel extremely humbled to have been shortlisted considering the size and reputation of some of the bigger firms we were up against. Since stepping out on our own 12 months ago, we have completely transformed the way in which our business transacts with our clients.

I feel the best way to let you know about our business is to tell you some of the huge changes we have made to our overall client journey and where we feel we are standing out from others:

  • A recent and very risky change against the norm was building our own digital fact find to allow clients to key in all of their basic data without having to sit in front of an adviser wasting 30 minutes while that information is then typed out or written down by the adviser. We felt this was a complete waste of time for both sides. A client has 95% of that information in their head and 95% of those clients can fill in a basic online form at a time that suits them using their phone, tablet or PC. This is a huge win for both sides. Families are busy, professionals are busy and we identified this was a waste of time for advisers and clients. We then build the relationship talking about the important things that matter to them once the fact find is complete.
  • Living in the digital age we identified that a large majority of our clients want to email us documents rather than post them. Although this is not a new concept, we really felt emails were clunky, messy and unsecure so we purchased a fully customisable client onboarding system. This allows us to list each item required which allows a client to click an item and upload securely. They are then notified if anything is missing allowing us to spend more time on getting cases through for clients than chasing up documents. The feedback so far is very positive. See example image below:

  • Customer Obsession Programme – This is one of three of our key operating principles. We don’t believe our business to be transactional. We see a client entering into their journey with us to be a lifetime relationship. We love to build goodwill and add value.

Clients receive monthly newsletters and articles giving them best advice around their mortgage. We also send them a ‘post completion’ video 7 days after their mortgage completes to let them know what to expect from ourselves and their lender next. We follow this up 2 months after completion to show them how to save thousands of pounds of interest on their mortgage by making small overpayments each month. We then send them annual letters, text messages or emails inviting them to review their circumstances.

We are also proud of our 219 reviews as of today which can be found on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Ross Stisi