The Money Group – Innovator nomination

To innovate –“ Make changes in something established by introducing new methods & ideas


Innovation means disruption. We set up TMG to be enact change in a market that has remain virtually unchanged for over 20 years. Initially, in order to get heard, we had to disrupt. This resulted in us upsetting the apple cart on occasions and for which we are still apologising!  But people know we are here and that was half the battle.

As brokers we own only one thing and that is the advice process. So, our mantra is one of encouraging diversification through collaboration. This is the essence of “TMG”.

Innovation within the industry is normal centred around technology and that has its place.

But are all about the people and helping them to rethink their future.

Collaborate and Grow

Innovation breeds collaboration. Building a brand is hard, even more so if you are trying to do this on your own. This is why we are not seeing smaller businesses push on and claim a seat at the table. They either run out of energy, ideas or money –  or more likely all 3.

We are aware that we’re limited in our skill sets and why the business we are building has been built around partnerships, collaboration and encouraging our peers to think bigger, grow better. Their success is our success.

This approach has seen us grow from just over 30 advisors last year to over 60 advisors this year and with more in the pipeline.

Changing the model

Innovation requires adaption and we have learned that we must constantly evolve and review where we are and whether our model is fit for purpose. We are not afraid to make a U-turn. This does not mean we are lost just that we recognise we were going in the wrong direction.

Becoming the voice  

Innovation needs communication and we now live in a noisy world where social media has given everyone a platform to be heard. Through the use of all social media platforms we have developed our own unique voice in order that we and our colleagues can be heard.

Out Of The Box Thinking

Innovators are creators and we feel we have that in abundance. Whether that is bringing new brands to the market, creating opportunities such as Divorce Money and Furlough Money or creating thought provoking articles and opinion, we know that we will always be different.  Recently we have launched our own TMG awards and in doing so created a huge amount of interest in not only our nominations but also in our business.  As of today we have received 7,000 unique votes created by our unique categories including ‘Best Industry Podcast’, ‘Best LinkedIn Account’ and our cheeky  ‘Best Over-Use of Self-Promotion’. Whether you have a beard or not, we believe we have helped the industry rethink certain categories and breathed fresh life into the whole award sector.