The Money Group – Broker of the Year (More than 40 Advisers) nomination

The year that was

2020 for us was all about expansion. It came quickly and much quicker than we expected. As we left 2019 we had 30 advisers and 11 Directly Authorised Brands and as we look to leave 2020 behind ( thankfully!) we have a head count of 67 advisers and 14 firms. With 2021 looming & with what is in place we will soon pass a headcount numbering over 100.

Making the advisors life simpler

We have spent the last 12mth building our own TMG system in collaboration with OMS. We allowed  the advisors to  design what it was the wanted from the system. We allow everyone within TMG to influence the direction of the group by welcoming new ideas and innovation.

Upskilling Advisors

As with most firms, we encourage lender interaction to improve skill sets throughout TMG

We have also set up internal training academies for the staff

We have developed our own specialist brands within the group so that advisers can refer clients to a more qualified broker to ensure the client gets the most appropriate advice.

We are building our internal training programme using our own resources to help advisers diversify their offering.

This culture of collaboration and delegation is at the heart of what we do within TMG.

Raising Advisors profile’s

We always say advisor have two brands, the one they work for but and also the one they are. Both are essential and critical in order to gain maximum exposure in an otherwise noisy world.

As a group were keen on raising anyones profile if this is what they want to do. A great example of this is Jiten, prior to joining London Money in 2019, you will find it near impossible to find an article with his name attached to it. Now we cant keep him out of the trade press !

Jiten Said “ I always belived there was a better way to do protection, but never had the confidence or contacts to get my name out there, however it now feels like every week there is a feature am include in, this has being great for my own confidence but its also a real boost for my clients if they ever want to do a background check on me!”

We feel it is important to build self-confidence in all our advisers.

The Sky is the limit

There is no reason for any advisor to just stay an advisor. We actively encourage them to have their own brand and business if this is what they want to do and we help create them a path on how to get from Advisor to business owner.

Silly ideas

We support whatever appears contrarian to the norm and celebrate doing things differently. Our remit for 2021 is to continually hunt for the thought provoking, left field thinkers that can help us grow TMG to be the market leading FS brand we know it can be.