The Mortgage Mum

  • The Mortgage Mum is not a business who innovates. We are an innovative business.
  • At the core of our creation was innovation – we wanted to create a safe space for women in the mortgage industry. A space that combined world leading customer service, wellbeing at the heart of our culture, flexible working, and a unique management and training style that suited “the modern parent”.
  • Our instincts told us this space was needed, and judging from the recent AMI report that has been released on Diversity and Inclusion, I believe our instincts were correct.
  • The applications we receive on a daily basis also validate this. Indeed, there are over 500 women studying their CeMAP qualification, inspired by The Mortgage Mum training group. The LIBF has commended The Mortgage Mum on their commitment to bringing new talent into our industry, and for the training academy they receive on arrival.
  • Our bespoke training academy is unrivalled. We know exactly how to support brokers, from taking their CeMAP exams to virtually sitting beside them as they submit their first mortgage application. The industry is widely criticised for the lack of support for new brokers, and we believe we are at the forefront of this change and will be used as the benchmark for other firms.
  • It is worth mentioning that we were one of the first brokers to enter and dominate the online space BEFORE the world caught up with this method due to Covid-19. In fact, our network, Mortgage Intelligence continue to thank and praise The Mortgage Mum for their innovation in this area, as it benefitted them when Covid-19 struck. EVERYTHING we suggested was against the usual grain. It was ALL online, yet we could prove that we could still create REAL connection and safety.
  • Behind the scenes, The Mortgage Mum continues to show commitment to their innovative culture of self-care, with a huge focus on wellbeing. Their internal framework demonstrates this with personal wellbeing incentives for the team to reach different levels of business. Every month, a Mortgage Mum is treated to a self-care treatment, as voted for by her colleagues. And bi-monthly The Mortgage Mum host a virtual retreat, their first one sponsored by TSB. This involves meditation, yoga and a sharing circle, hosted by a wonderful healer – Suzanne Morgan. With the rise of mental health issues, we believe more consideration needs to be given to how we can successfully support our team. We are constantly finding new, and innovative ways to do this. Our 2021 Christmas reward is an overnight spa stay to further break the moulds of what corporate networking, and staff wellbeing looks like.
  • The Mortgage Mum Podcast is one of the more recent innovative movements the firm has launched, and it has just been named one of the top 10 mortgage podcasts in the UK. The podcast launched in November 2020, and has been praised by its listeners, proving to be a valuable lead source for the business, and a valuable resource for their clients.