The Mortgage Mum

  • “The Mortgage Mum” has become a household name in the mortgage industry in the space of 2 years. This is purely down to our marketing efforts. Our brand awareness is strong, and our commitment to creating content is unrivalled.
  • The use of video and audio is a huge focus in The Mortgage Mum, where we transcribe everything for our deaf followers, and provide audio on all content for our blind audience. We have received messages from both to thank us for the work we do in providing education in the mortgage sector, that is friendly, approachable and most of all accessible to all.
  • We run a bespoke Marketing Mastermind every 6 months within the team, a unique commitment to our marketing strategy. In this mastermind we work with a small, diverse group of brokers within the team for 6 weeks. We bring in guest expert speakers, we set challenges, we educate, train, support, and coach each broker to marketing success.
  • Every Mortgage Mum has their own branding within the brand. They are supported to use their own authentic voice in the industry. We see ourselves like Disney – every Mortgage Mum is their own unique character, and our marketing reflects this. We have an impressive company culture, and our values are breathed into the team daily – this ensures our core branding is felt throughout.
  • In the last year, The Mortgage Mum has placed a lot of marketing focus on raising awareness for women in the financial services industry, attracting new talent into the mortgage world. This has been validated by LIBF, who have thanked us for our commitment, and it has been proven in the huge recruitment over the last 18 months as well as the contribution from the firm’s MD in the recent AMI report on diversity and inclusion.
  • The Mortgage Mum make their commitment to their clients clear via their marketing channels. The ethos of The Mortgage Mum means that education and authenticity is at its core, and this is reflected in the continuous social media and branding we see across the firm as well as the service the customer receives from day one. We call it the “Disney” affect – every interaction gives us another opportunity to be brilliant!
  • The Mortgage Mum Podcast is the latest innovation in The Mortgage Mum marketing strategy. It has just been named one of the top 10 mortgage podcasts in the UK, having launched in November 2020, and has been praised by its listeners, proving to be a valuable lead source for the business, and a valuable resource for their clients.
  • In the last year, The Mortgage Mum has launched a new website, with new content being added daily. This has seen huge success since its launch, proven by a dramatic increase in leads and appearing on page 1 of Google for multiple search terms. The website itself is impressive and unique – offering education, team insight, an interactive map, as well as the use of regular video, audio and written content.