Here at Twenty7Tec, we make the process of searching, applying for and obtaining a mortgage, simpler, faster and more efficient. Making us one of the UK’s fastest growing mortgage technology providers and a market leader in adviser and lender technology solutions.

2020 has, regardless of the global pandemic, resulted in a fantastic growth and innovative year for Twenty7Tec.

Criteria – launching our lender criteria research system in May, fully embedded into our CloudTwenty7 ecosystem and producing the UK’s first single product and criteria sourcing platform. Twenty7Tec customers can now search mortgage products and lender criteria from a single system, with no switching systems, hand-off’s, links or windows, just a fast and efficient way to source lender products and check lending criteria. Criteria Source Is free to all existing customers and is just the start of our planned innovation in this space.

APPLY – the UK’s most advanced mortgage application submission system. Utilises API’s to connect mortgage intermediaries to lenders. Seamlessly transferring data and documents back and forth between the two. Now with 8 lenders live and integrated in 2020, including Nationwide and Barclays. With many more planned and being onboarded over the coming months.

Our pilot launches with both Barclays and Nationwide earlier in 2020, have proven the value of efficiency through APPLY, to both lender and intermediary. With fully integrated DIP / data pre-population for MAB and Connells advisers during this pilot, APPLY has provided a safe, secure and efficient way for advisers to submit and track mortgage applications. While those lenders can benefit from superior application accuracy and case packaging, due to seamlessly data transfer through APPLY, with little to no rekey of data. The momentum in this space is growing, with the pandemic looking to be the catalyst to push forward adoption further.

INSIGHT – our firm level data view in INSIGHT is a game changing innovation, providing networks and lenders with a detailed look at where their pipeline lending and business is, in real-time. Helping manage potential applications, before submission to a lender. Understating product niches, exposure, tranches and appetite in the market.

Affordability – Integrating with Mortgage Broker Tools this year has provided Twenty7Tec users with access to lender affordability. Supporting intermediaries by providing more information upfront, in order to help qualify the mortgage advice. MBT lender affordability is fantastic integration and an area we will build upon more in 2021.

CAPTURE – our CloudTwenty7 CAPTURE module acts as a secure portal for clients looking to communicate electronically with their adviser. Recently released to market and supporting both lenders and intermediaries, our safe and secure portal provides a digital means to engage with customers. A UK first to provide customers with the ability to feed data directly into advisers sourcing system, supporting intermediaries during a time where remote advice is critical.

With all the ups and downs in the market, Twenty7Tec are proud to support and innovate. On behalf of the whole team here at Twenty7Tec, thank you for believing in us.