Why Uinsure should win GI Provider of the Year.

The insurance process used to be long, complex and time consuming. In 2021, Uinsure launched its new Adviser Platform to completely remove the complexity from GI, enabling advisers to offer a complete service that was tailor made for an individual customer’s needs quicker than ever before.

In addition to streamlining the way advisers do business, Uinsure has also been at the forefront of helping to drive industry change and has been a consistent and vocal supporter of the FCA’s new rulings that will ultimately make insurance pricing practices fairer as we head into 2022.

Uinsure’s new Adviser Platform completely removed the complexity from GI.

General insurance used to be a drawn out, complex process that often ask upwards of 50 questions to get a quote, many of which are difficult or impossible to answer correctly, meaning the end customer would always carry a risk of their policy being invalidated.

As a result, Uinsure developed its own technology platform, a revolutionary experience that allows general insurance to be quoted in just three questions, taking less than 20 seconds, helping to negate the risk of invalid policies but also to add speed, simplicity and transparency to the home insurance process. Advisers are now able to receive an insurance quote across home, buy to let and non-standard by inputting just their client’s name, date of birth and postcode.

The new platform simplifies the process when it comes to reviewing quotes too. A panel of insurance providers quote and compete on the same 5 star rated policy meaning the end customer can quickly review the features and benefits and simply choose the insurer based on the one that offers the most competitive price.

The technology allows mortgage advisers to deliver their full service in the quickest and most effective way on the market. And, given that home insurance is a mandatory requirement alongside any new mortgage, it not only speeds up the quote process, but makes it possible for advisers to serve a market of c.1 million mortgage customers per annum with their insurance needs, in good time before the mortgage completes.

The launch of the Adviser Platform has seen Uinsure enjoy substantial growth, with applications increasing by 18% from Q1 to Q2 immediately following the launch. This was predominantly driven by the launch of the new portal in earlier in the year.

Shaping industry change

Uinsure has always held a policy of not price walking but our strategy has been under pressure given the nature of a very competitive market. Our practice and offering has remained consistent since our inception in 2007, however, it’s pleasing to see the FCA will bring in regulation to encourage fair pricing practices. We’ve been regularly speaking up with regards to urging the industry to always act fairly and in the end customer’s best interests, while we’ve been vocal in our support of the FCA’s new rulings, too.

In recent months, Uinsure CCO, Martin Schutheiss, has also helped a number businesses by re-broking their back books, ensuring a fair price and a 5 star product is provided to all customers.