West One Loans

As one of the UKs largest non-bank lenders we are proud to have made the shortlist for this award.

Established in 2005 and with our history in bridging finance, we have grown extensively to offer a full breadth of bridging finance including both regulated and non-regulated, residential, semi commercial, fully commercial and land and 1st and 2nd charge options.  We lend across the whole of mainland UK and are proud of the coverage we offer nationally. The extensive portfolio we have is supported by the capability to offer very large loan sizes of up to £40m which has helped us support our intermediary partners and provide over £485m in short term lending in the first half of 2021.

Whilst our size and scale may not be something we shout about, our commitment to our intermediaries and borrowers to ensure completions is something we make clear. In an industry where conversion is critical, our team are dedicated to ensuring completions. Our average conversion rate from application to completion is 41% vs the reported industry average of 26% (Sept 2021). Where other lenders are restricted, we often support borrowers with very complex needs, urgent time frames who have had a case dropped by another lender. It is this dedication to completion that ensures repeat business and led us to our largest month and quarter of originations in Feb 2021 and the whole of Q1. These figures were £116m and £241m respectively.

As well as market leading completion rates, our average turnaround time is 29 days compared to the 47 days industry average, it is often this speed of completion that makes the difference for a borrower when timing is critical. As we have increased in size and scale, our dedication to the market has grown with us and earlier this year we secured a new facility worth £500m with J.P. Morgan to fund our bridging portfolio.

Our commitment to our customers was most crucial during the recent pandemic. In one of the most uncertain times that our country and industry has faced, we continued to lend. Many of our peers pulled out of the market and brokers and borrowers alike faced increased pressure to find suitable finance, we made a promise to support our borrowers and brokers through this time. We exceeded our promise and gained the trust of new partners.

The final core element of our business is our team, without whom our journey and success would not be possible. From our sales and business development function to our expert underwriting and operations team, we pride ourselves on short term finance expertise and experience. Our unique offering of manually underwriting every case allows us to treat each application on its own merit and apply common sense to lending, this results in a more flexible lending service and higher completions. As experts in large and complex deals, we know how to handle unique cases and ensure the best outcome for every intermediary and borrower alike.